Disney with LS ppl / Quick Update.

Disney with Shaya

Disney with Shaya!

Met Farkee/Shaya IRL

I totally forgot about Mai game friends until I got an email from Kimiko :3, so hehe its probably time to reconnect myself to the ffxi world (or at least try). So…

I met both Shaya and Farkee, one of those people I’ve always wanted to meet =). Since Farkee’s a failface and got SCHOOL (lol stupid art class), so only Shaya and I went to Disney (yes again). It doesn’t seem that big now but when I was a kid, it didn’t felt it was enough to play everything within a day. Regardless, I finally got to see Fantasia (the one in Orlando fail face when I went… started, 15min and ended saying there’s unexpected circumstances, it had to be terminated). Went on rides, took some pics, and ate some American food lol.

I’ve also went to University of Irvine (where Farkee/Shaya went for Uni) for a class (Video Game studies… lol). Failface Farkee is taking it :3 for extra GPA. Went to the beaches… drink… typical stuff. =) I wasn’t as drunk as the last trip (Orlando one… I was kinda being shoved with alcohol).

Farkee at Irvine

Farkee at Irvine!

Well sadly, didn’t really hang out with Farkee, but meeting him in person was more than enough, consider I knew him since he was 15 (he’s 20 now lol).

Spent some time talking and stuff… old old times of Omen/Unbreakables/Omen2 Days, AscendentSky, AS Dynamis, UBSM (lol)… even TheLightWarriors where Dirk posted the LSmessage for 2mths “If I can sub war with war, he’d so do it etc etc…” then he goes level Ninja… haha classic inside jokes. It was a good chat. There’s all sorts of other stuff too but hehe…. too much to write em all out!

It was fun and… Shaya demands a Novio to thank her :/ I’m still debating on that one!!! (Go back, blow all my points on a Novio? ‘.’)

Is it worth a Novio? NO DUH! Cuz I hate her…

FFXi World Concept

FFXi World Concept Cover!

Where I’m taking this Blog?

At least at the moment it won’t be much or too FFXi related (well not playing kinda dries up the topics to write too…), however… I do want to at least do these posts…

  • Slow 2 Research with Kirschy
  • A Tutorial on 3ds Max and rendering pretty things.
  • Paperart (this is a fun one)
  • My other fun FFXi Toys :D That I’m slowly collecting hehe (no not those SE Merchandise one)
  • Possibly a Vid on something *secret*

And yea… clean the blog database up. It can use some work… HOPEFULLY I’d actually fill it with some FFXi stuff someday… just at the moment, I still value the FFXi break… *still paying for the account* =)

Other FFXI Stuff…

So I got this pretty cool book…. how FFXi was created :D from the artist point of view. Still viewing the art but its obvious that FFXi was no where close to the drawn art (well also, FFXi was developed 10 years ago.. so it was pretty good back then). Still.. a lot of nice details were missing :x which kinda makes it a little … weird.

Here’s the Jeuno one. Pretty nice when drawn out huh.

I’ll probably take pictures of the whole book and share it. Its really interesting stuff. I’m still trying to understand what’s written in there with my limited JP language (hay! I took JP for a year) and also kanji as supplement :o! I have another book coming :D

Cheers, will be back writing more…. soon!

4 Responses to “Disney with LS ppl / Quick Update.”

  1. Kimiko says:

    /bap, now now Maiev, no going and forgetting all your friends now. =P~

    Glad to see ya’ll had a terrific time though. It’s always a good thing to get out and about & really get the mental batteries recharged.

  2. Maiev says:

    hehe yea! It was nice to get out and recharge that battery for sure =) Its also fascinating to meet the player behind the keyboard… gives you a totally new perspective on the player for sure :D


  3. Shaya says:

    I still hate you~

  4. Maiev says:

    “I still hate you~”


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