Bubian’s RL Wedding

Bubian's Wedding

Bubian’s RL Wedding

I’m so drunk but at the same time I wanna share the awesome experience that I just had tonight! Bubian (yes, a player from Fenrir server, FFXI), invited me to his wedding (RL Wedding). It was so awesome haha. I apologize for horrible grammar… because I can’t really / don’t want to proofread due to Bub’s alcohol poisoning:o

What I really think the coolest part was … I get to see the cool person behind the keyboard… in one of their happiest moment in life :o (yes, little drunk atm)! But like wow, I was pretty touched the whole day seeing Bubian (or Warren) moving towards his next part in life :o, and so glad I was invited to be a part of that celebration.

The wedding was pretty awesome… his brother made a speech about “5 things you don’t know about Warren”, and one of of the top 5 his brother said was:

Bubian's Wedding

Bubian’s RL Wedding

He spent 20% talking to everyone else and 80% talking to his video game friends (aka Ventrilo)


That is so true :D even myself. I talk to my vid-game friends more than my RL friends ;D

Apparently, when selecting which table to go for food first, you got to answer question for your table! Although it wasn’t asked but.. one of was the question was “What game did Bubian loves to play” lol :D It was so for me =)

There was more awesome stuff, such as seeing Bubian/Warren as a kid (lol @ pics), and his parents are pretty funny too. We chatted for a good hour about gambling =) Told me a little secret too!!!

You know those little Rubix Cube? Well his dad gave Bub one when he was a child, and asked him “fix it before I come back”. Well when Bub’s dad came back… Bub threw the cube back to his dad and was like “Done”! His dad was so amazed! It was all the same color but apparently…

Bub basically just peeled off all the color sticker off the Rubix cube.. I.. LOL

His dad’s conclusion: Bub knows how to get out of trouble FOR SURE :D

But yea, its cool that… the people behind the keyboard can be some awesome. It pays off just being yourself in the game :), and not faking to be a girl etc. Being yourself can make yourself become easier to be.. friends with others and… yea, e-friends become rl-friends =) (I mean yea you can argue that its RPG, role playing, you’re role playing a girl char…, just saying being yourself is easier!) I was so glad I got invited to his wedding (also my 1st western-style wedding).

PS: His wife is pretty epic =) I’ll post more pic when Warren/Bubian sends me some cool pic once he gets em developed :)

Once again congratz, and feel free to drop a congratz here, since I know he’s also a troll :D I gave him something pretty cool too for wedding gift. Can be used by both Bub and his wife, but… I’m sure Bub can put it to “better” use =)

ZOMG Shaya

/excited to see Shaya soon!

Mai Trip

For those that doesn’t know, I’m currently in Vancouver! Mai trip’s objective is to see Warren/Bubian’s wedding, but I’m also going to stop by and see Shaya/Farkee (Mai Homie), which I am extremely excited about it :o

Itenery: Toronto –> Vancouver (for wedding + Rora) –> LA (Shaya/Farkee/possibly Daggy) –> Toronto T_T.

Seriously guys, don’t treat your vid-game friend just like another screen-name or scrubs. They are real people behind the keyboard and… it pays off to treat them just like your other friends =) they deserve to be treated equally and… evenly :D So yea.. zomg can’t wait to see Shaya/Farkee.

PS: I saw Roranora too, and went Snowboarding =) Awesome FFXI-centric vacation =) But regardless, zzing now because I need to drink tea with relatives tomorrow and can’t show them I am hungover :D (I’ll drink again with Shaya, heard she’s pretty good :D)

5 Responses to “Bubian’s RL Wedding”

  1. Jowah says:

    lol @pic
    Mai is a taru irl too XD

  2. Maiev says:

    mean :/

  3. Kimiko says:

    Woohoo, Maiev’s racking up the frequent airship miles. Hope you have a safe trip the rest of the way! =D

  4. Aerroenu says:

    Thanks for reminding me just how awesome FFXI really is. Then, again, I can just turn around and look at the guy behind me (friend of 4+ years, BF of 2.5+ years, roommate of 1.5 years). The most awesome of folks can be met in this game. :)

  5. Bubian says:

    Thanks for coming Mai, glad you enjoyed the party and drinks lol.


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