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“GuessWho” stole the Astral Candescence ?!

That’s actually the video’s title =P But ya, my LS and I spent every hour after it was taken from Alzahbi, to retrieve it for the betterment of Fenrir’s Adventures! I’ve spent a lot of time in this video, its basically our 12 hour of adventuring packed in 10 minutes, its all shots of us […]

Astral Candescence Recovered!

Yea? I wake up this morning, AC gone (As usual, NA times), went to get food and Weeber was like, lets get that thing back for the niccaz~. I was like sure :O! So after 12 hours of adventuring in Reef, trying and retrying, me and my LS (GuessWho), soloed the Astral Candescence back to […]

Hydra Pushdown =P but I’m not in it!

GuessWho This LS been fun for me. Everything fits into my schedule perfectly. A balance between academic and playtime ^^. Its time to really make it my home :3 So where’s MaiTalu? ‘-‘ (lol) Anyway, my LS also schedule the coolest shittiest event when I have 3 midterms! Way to go Weeber, no wonder I […]

Enjoying XI with Tazo ^.^

Enjoying XI with Tazo ^.^

Ugh… WP 2.05 jus popped when I just upgraded all blogs to 2.04 -.- lame… mebbe taking down the blog in the near future to upgrade stuff ><

Tazo Achieve: Rank 8

Tazo Achieve Rank 8! I don’t know how long I’ve been stuck at rank 6, but I’m happy to say….. RANK EIGHT BABY! ^^ Arigato to my friend Nephtis for having the patience to set up the parties & alliances and shouting across Vana’diel! … also thanks to the Monk-eys (Soulcalibur & Yusuisum) for coming […]