Enjoying XI with Tazo ^.^

Ugh… WP 2.05 jus popped when I just upgraded all blogs to 2.04 -.- lame… mebbe taking down the blog in the near future to upgrade stuff ><; I’m finally adventuring / being normal again!

So.. I was kind of chilling after my hell week :< Helping friends out with quests, doing BCNM with GrimDaddy and Nanni, learning spells and making another Wing Sword +1 [Maiev] for my Blue ^^

MaiTalu Oct30

I love the way the game it is now, very relaxing and chilling. The way it should be played ^^

Never expect a lot, and you’d get more

So I was like.. bored, AH was pretty empty so I went to pop a crown for sale and

Curse Crown!


Cleaning my mog house.. I found a W.Abjuration Feet so ‘-‘ I might as well try to make myself a -1 and…

Cursed Greaves -1 MaiTalu

lol my only 1/1 try for Eeto popped a -1! You can look at the SS (clicking the above image would lead to it). He was playing me ><

Mini review. I went to watch Saw III & the Prestige this weekend. They are both very good movie.

Saw III - Maitalu's Blog

Saw III is as usual.. gross… its the torchering of the human body. The storyline was pretty good imo. Its about how far you can take vengence so, go give it a try XD. Its not scary, its gross!

Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t watch the other 2, its still ok to watch on 3rd episode. I actually ask Zimph, Istaru and a few other friends.. “if me/you were stuck in the same room, would you go cut me up to save yourself, that is your only way to live.”

Istaru>> I’d go spoon out your eye
Zimph >> Nope, won’t do it, I’ll try to find another way.

Now you’ll see who to be afraid of ‘-‘

the Prestige

The Prestige is like the Illusionist – Magician type movie! Lets say this movie is kinda spooky! Overall its also a good movie, with a very cool storyline (something way different than the Illusionist). Some of the sound effects was actually annoying though, especially those electric field sound effects.

It also reveals how some of the magic trick works ^^; seems very practical to me, well reasonable I should say.

If I’d rate these two movies. Saw III > the Prestige. That’s imo ^^;

Blog Layout :3

Still coding it ‘-‘ afterall I’m not a pro in php and css anyway.. a sneak peek ^^;

MaiBlog V4 Layout, the StarOnion, FFXI Blog

Stupid Advertisements

Damn right “Hands not included”. Who the fook on Earth think hands included.

Hands not Included!

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8 Responses to “Enjoying XI with Tazo ^.^”

  1. Alexanderz says:

    Make sure to enjoy DotA 6.38 ^_^ It’s really good version.

  2. Maiev says:

    Preistess of the Moon! OMG my 2nd best hero! Global Invis is mad scary though, but needs very good strategy planning and teammates coordination to make it shine and owning :3

    Back when I was playing Warcraft III, I usually use the Warden (Maiev) as 1st hero for assassination and harrassment. If by any chance I build Preistess of the Moon, it signifies the game is over ‘-‘, I have a 98% winning ratio when POTM is in the battle field XD

  3. Scragg says:

    That IGN game list is terrible… this should be #1. It’s not even on the list. =[

  4. Maiev says:

    :( Well people voted for it ‘-‘ but ya i agree, some of the games was bad and was up there.. imo Halo was pretty bad ‘-‘

  5. Jowah says:

    New layout seems nice! I love clean templates^^ Can’t wait to see it in action :3
    And lolz WP 2.0.5
    I upgraded my blogs yesterday and as usual it was a one minute operation :)
    I want new true features so badly Y_Y like custom home page without tweaking the script so much (yes i am lazy)

    Ahahah Suikoden II #55! But wtf it deserves more ;_; And glad to see FFVII #20! *happy*
    But they suck coz FFT and Suikoden III and V are not in Y_Y

    I’m going to burn IGN, brb.

  6. Ueda says:

    Hey I saw you the other day, I waved but you were seemingly AFK, well another time lets hope! =(

  7. jtaru says:

    Wow, looks like the streak of good luck wasn’t only you! I got some good luck this week too ^^


  8. Maiev says:

    Reply to Jowah:
    Hehe gogo burn IGE. go enjoy your trip and bring back piccies instead kthx!

    Reply to Ueda:
    Ya ><; I spend a lot of time afking '-' hence my playtime is now 632 days x_x XD


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