Tazo Achieve: Rank 8

Tazo Taru reaches Rank 8, FFXI Fenrir

Tazo Achieve Rank 8!

I don’t know how long I’ve been stuck at rank 6, but I’m happy to say….. RANK EIGHT BABY! ^^ Arigato to my friend Nephtis for having the patience to set up the parties & alliances and shouting across Vana’diel! … also thanks to the Monk-eys (Soulcalibur & Yusuisum) for coming and my twintaru Destroyplanets. ^_^ You guys make missions bearable and FUN! >.> I can’t believe i just put Missions and Fun in the same sentence. {Tazo slaps herself.}

Q(^_^)Q Neph & Me during my first Azumeth Circle Festival! Fireworks & Goldfish scooping FTW!

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  1. Maiev says:

    the more I come check, the more i think its too pink! lol

  2. Sibe says:

    Hey nice work Tazo.. I swear Maiev’s blog site keeps my entertain during work. =)


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