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Tazo’s Birthday Present!

Tazo’s Birthday Presents! So this is what I made for Tazo’s Birthday ‘.’ a Taru calendar :3 How big? Its pretty big. 24″ x 36″. Here’s a picture with my laptop beside it. But just like the one in-game, she expects quite a lot and.. apparently this one wasn’t able to completely satisfy her. (from […]

Taru Binders!

TaruTaru Binders Random Creation Was packing for my move (in ~ 5days), saw like years of school work lying around … in a big pile of paper so I was like.. fuk it lets get organize. If I just toss it in a box, I know I’ll never go back to them again for sure.. […]

Its Cloudstah’s Birthday today!

Cloudstah’s Bday card. (Click for large version) I know… like 99% of the people who reads this doesn’t know him… but he’s our almighty Salvage co-leader! He… leads our Salvage runs! He’s also a cool guy during non-salvage hours. To me, Cloud’s only got one thing in mind, Salvage! So I made him a little […]

WotG vs WoW BC Thoughts!

ToAU Adventuring! So pretty sure people read reviews around the internet about WotG, not that great~ some websites gave like 5.5/10 too but… IMO they really didn’t “play” the game long enough to make any judgment (bias… is what I’m trying to say). So… I gave myself a good 6 weeks of playtime before I […]

WoW’s Xmas Event, Forum Skin!

Mai Army of Toys I’m pretty sure everyone’s already done the FFXI Christmas event. Its the same old stuff, well with HQ ones gives different stuff~ Same Jeuno music (its nice, but gets old), and same city decoration. In WoW, its a little bit different. The town isn’t as decorated as FFXI, but the stuff […]