WoW’s Xmas Event, Forum Skin!

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Mai Army of Toys

I’m pretty sure everyone’s already done the FFXI Christmas event. Its the same old stuff, well with HQ ones gives different stuff~ Same Jeuno music (its nice, but gets old), and same city decoration. In WoW, its a little bit different. The town isn’t as decorated as FFXI, but the stuff you get is completely different!

In October during Haloweeen, we got Brooms! Well for Christmas, we get toys! (like little kids) lol. Since I’m a Hunter, I already have a pet, well they gave me 2 more pets! They are Summon Rocket Bot and [item]21325[/item]. When you summon all of them, you’ll have an army behind you :D hehehe! Not very practical at all, but hay, looks funny.

WoW, Xmas Event, Presents

The presents are just like RL, under the Christmas Tree!

Just like real life, Blizzard placed presents and toys under the Christmas Tree. All you have to do is walk up and open it! The exclamation mark will pretty sure lure you in :D Presents for all!

So the best part IMO of this is… perhaps this present. [item]21213[/item] :O! Use: Transform your mount (Chocobo) into something more festive! It turned out to be O.o

Raindeer Mounts :O!

This gotta be the coolest thing ever, its got the bells ringing as you fly :O! They really made it look like the Raindeer flying :O! Although I think the [item]33182[/item] is still much more cooler!

The winter clothes is rather crap. In fact, I always hated WoW’s armor. Like here’s the story. You spend so much time with your character, you’d think it will look pretty good but.. WoW’s equipment is like.. a painting on a naked body. Serious, no gradient at all and it looks like crap (if you examine that SS carefully, you’d see what I mean! Most obvious near the belt). FFXI’s equipment looks MUCH BETTER than WoW’s. IMO, what makes WoW looks better is the amount of “doodling”. Just take a look at this screenshot of the boss fight – the book on the ground, shelves, tables etc.. all makes it look more like an environment. Jeuno is so clean :/ nothing on the sides, no junk… and its probably because of PS2 limitations =_=;

WoW Raindeer Mounts, Maiev, Fenrir

WoW’s Christmas Mounts

WoW events aren’t perfect though, the last event (mid November) was Brewfest… it was a Bugfest… broken as hell :D I didn’t even want to click it because…

You just get disconnected.

But basically, what happened was there was Vendor that sells you Beer, people buy em and drink em, and when you drink em… you get dizzy and to reflect that status, your screen becomes blurry like a photoshop filter…. Its rather werid. Also, when you talk, they randomly juggle with your words. Say you wanna type “Happy Holiday”, it might end up as “Hapyp Holidayyy hic!”.

There’s even some rofl video made related to “drinking”. Here’s one of it (Its pretty good LOL). OHHH, there’s a Trailer for Brewfest made by Blizzard, watch it here.

Back to Christmas Event item!

Okay, continue.. there’s also one more item! Wand of Holiday Cheer (Can’t link, the item is White, looks like invisible texts lol)! Basically it provides you with a target area, when when you click it, all those people in the area will automatically type /laugh. In WoW, a laugh is also combined with a laugh sound of the respective race. Since I’m a Horde, I hear Tauren, Blood Elves, Orc, Trolls and Undead all laughing at once, its pretty wicked :D

WoW Wand of Holiday Cheer, WoW

So that’s WoW events :) Well there’s more, but I don’t really have the time to err.. do them =P This one is just lying around and takes 10sec to do it!

Maiev's DuckHUNT LS

New LS Forum Skin

New Year = New Forum Skin

As a… I guess thanks for Mai ducks for… sticking around keeping me entertained, I used my Amateur graphics designing skills to skin our forum :O More FFXI-feel ^_^.

Its got some expansion pack stuff in it too, like err… Caitsith :D

Probably my 2nd time doing this, wasn’t really good with the codes overall it was alright :x I wish it could be a little bit more fancy, but it’ll do the trick for now :)

Regardless, its almost 2008! Happy New Year :) More Pew Pew and Less QQ!

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  1. Calaera says:

    The Rocket Bot is AWESOME. If you have a friend that has one, make sure one of you has yours out first. Then have the other person summon theirs and watch the other one get bombed! X3 I destroyed my friend’s bot several times because mine was out first. We also tried summoning ours at the same time, and it blew each other up! X3


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