Tazo’s Birthday Present!

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Tazo’s Birthday Presents!

So this is what I made for Tazo’s Birthday ‘.’ a Taru calendar :3

How big? Its pretty big. 24″ x 36″. Here’s a picture with my laptop beside it.

But just like the one in-game, she expects quite a lot and.. apparently this one wasn’t able to completely satisfy her. (from what I felt at least) :/ I’ll see if its hanging on the wall next time but… there’s one thing I never thought about… the usage of <3's We use that a lot in game, winks like ;), <3's and even =D. As a MMORPG player... we know it means nothing... but apparently the <3 in the poster "Mai <3 Tazo" actually produced a very weird effect. Tazo had no problem with it but... her bf kinda like errr... find it weird. When I made it... I only made it with Tazo in mind... didn't really care about who looks at it because... its just a video game avatar but apparently that's not really the case lol... So yea... I thought this present was going to score 100... but only ended up satisfying :/ Pretty sure if her bf felt weird about it... its going to just be in a corner :3 I guess one more thing that I learned when "making your own presents". If you're wondering why I use the <3's... cuz everything you type using that font is <3's. even and, dashes and commas are <3's (hearts) lol... I didn't really had much to choose from :3 unless spoiling the atmosphere by using a totally different font~ Anyway, I printed one for myself too :O and if you’re wondering what I gave to Tazo last year? Its another FFXI drawing xD

Technical Details:

Created with: 3ds Max, FFXI Model Viewer, Open Canvas, Photoshop, 8+hrs editing time. Most of the time was spent near the pants area since 3ds actually doesn’t render it correctly, so I had to manually touchup the body/legs part of Tazo. The picture above is the version that isn’t fixed. If you look at the printouts (the top link with my laptop, and the bottom in my room), then you’d see its fixed :3 pretty difficult hence the golden chain is a bit more… shiny ;D

9 Responses to “Tazo’s Birthday Present!”

  1. Jowah says:

    You keep using that Disney-ish font wich I hate from the bottom of my heart ; ;
    Anddd I cant wait to move and be able to print and attach stuff to wall as well!

    Luv the calendar anyway, I espect something for my birthday too! (28 may!

  2. Jowah says:

    And btw you should upload this stuff on that DA account of yours, silly tawu

  3. Maiev says:

    lol :3 I should… but meh its not really real art so… um…
    ty for the idea though, I’ll think about it xD

  4. Etain says:

    Cheri and Cheri Liney are my favoritest fonts! :D

  5. Maiev says:

    Remember I made you this signature?


    That’s why I had the font :) Cuz you had it / loved it xD

  6. Aene says:

    aw even if the situation seems a little awkward, it’s such a nice idea. the reason why the pants look like that is cos the alpha mapping isn’t correctly showing through. I believe this tutorial will address your problem (although I didn’t read through it thoroughly): http://ffxidats.com/page.php?id=2279

  7. Maiev says:

    haha yea I know what you mean, the final product didn’t have it cuz I cheated a little and just photoshop it :x pretty difficult though :x


  8. didgist says:

    youre still a bitch


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