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Mai FFXI Fan Art Commission/Collection (2005-2009)

Due to the amazing size of this post, it has been truncated into two post. Please leave comment on the other Mai Art Commission/Collection post! Thanks! Mai Art Commission/Collection (2010-Present) Mai Art Commission/Collection (2005-2009) [You are here] ———- Belated Bday Gift for Sora by Otak (Lurazeda) Title: Belated Bday Gift for Sora Artist: Otak (Lurazeda) […]

Taru Wedding Dress DAT ‘~”

Taru Wedding Dress I saw this dat on yesterday, and since I only AFK in Alterac Valley (here, live screenshot with me in it), thought I’d do some FFXI rendering. It turned out pretty nice :D At first I wanted the Shantotto laugh, but I thought… since its a wedding dress, why not make […]

Tawu-Waru Love [Daggy]

Draft of TaruWaru Last weekend… I kinda spent my weekend in Toronto with Tazo xD! Did pretty fun things, I’ll elaborate on that later… so when I came back (after like a 3 day trip), Daggy despritely sent me a link, thinking its just some funny stuff but it ended up a drawing of… me […]

Love from Jowah of Ragnarok

My friend Jowah LittleTaru Jowah If you’ve been kinda following Mai’s blog, you’ll notice Jowah’s footprint for over a year now. To be honest, I haven’t even seen or… did any activities in FFXI with Jowah, we just… kinda knew each other xD over writing Blogs. Jowah is from Ragnarok Server. We write about each […]

Made some custom freckle DAT!

The Edited Version. Brown Eyes minus Freckles – Right One ^^ Freckle Taru You know how sometimes moving a few things around the room makes it like a totally new place? I kinda like moving things around once awhile, orientation um… angles and it feels like you’ve just moved to your new home. I kinda […]