Love from Jowah of Ragnarok

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My friend Jowah

LittleTaru Jowah

If you’ve been kinda following Mai’s blog, you’ll notice Jowah’s footprint for over a year now. To be honest, I haven’t even seen or… did any activities in FFXI with Jowah, we just… kinda knew each other xD over writing Blogs. Jowah is from Ragnarok Server.

We write about each other xD She’d even blog about how I’m a BOY ^^ I think the difference between writing blogs versus forums is… you can get a good grasp of the author from reading their articles, thus establish a friendly relationship between the reader and the writer. Although we don’t really do anything together, but I do treat her like a sister, and she treats me the same.

Anyhow, I don’t know when but… I never knew she promised me a drawing of MaiTalu ‘.’ I mean we are nice friends, but I kinda never expected someone who I just know over a blog community to be so nice! Even though she’s going through a bit of hard times in life, but she still took her time and effort to draw for me ‘.’

I was pretty surprised when she decide to draw MaiTalu. I mean its not like I gave her jewelery or… a sign Manteel. I did nothing! She could have drawn You ^^

I feel special ^^ and is probably the reason why I’m still playing, the sweetie pie friendship (eg. Jowah) that exists from playing FFXI. Friends is what makes this game fun imo, the laughter in seeing your friend’s faces hit the ground, the joy of seeing them getting equipment and accomplishing something, hearing them yelling on Ventrilo when a Hope Torque drop and… seeing a smile on their face.

I have to thank Jowah for this piece of artwork! Jowah is probably one of the reason I still play this game ^_^. She makes me feel like there’s more than just the game, but genuine friendship ^^

So how’d you like the drawing? I think the best part was… she pretty much drawn me like Maiev, with tons of jewelery, with the pose “Why are you stalking me on FFXIAH!”

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  1. Jowah says:

    I love Mai as always!


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