Made some custom freckle DAT!

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The Edited Version. Brown Eyes minus Freckles – Right One ^^

Freckle Taru

You know how sometimes moving a few things around the room makes it like a totally new place? I kinda like moving things around once awhile, orientation um… angles and it feels like you’ve just moved to your new home.

I kinda like to do that for FFXI too. Change some song files, some dats to provide a refreshing look! So yesterday, I was poking around for some new look, I found this ponytail taru, brown hair ‘.’ *drool*, so I went to do a little change xD!

I found this at first. (Ponytail with freckles).

Freckles looks kinda cute! But I’m not sure if I’d like to see that for all my SS, plus I kinda prefer brown eyes.. so went to do a little dat editing!

Took awhile since I haven’t done it for a longgg time…., but hehe think I’ll stick with this one for awhile :D! Here’s the DAT file if you want to replace it too! Again, please scan for virus =P so you won’t come hunt me for anything that happens.

But in terms of technical difficulty, it isn’t that bad. I follow this guide that was listed in Play around for a bit and I pretty much got it! You should try it out though, never know, maybe you’re really talented!

I also have the Blue Dalmatica for those that’s interested! (Been emailed a few times for it)!

Dalm’s location is 129/101.DAT. I custom made a Black one too, gotta dig it out if someone’s interested hehe ^^

Daggy Poster! FFXI Fan Art, LovelyDagger, DaggyInk Drawing

Daggy Poster! But a WTF Ghost?

Is there a Ghost?

Last Christmas, I printed like numerous copies of Daggy’s artwork and gave em to my friends as Christmas Presents (Yea, everyone on that poster are RL related ‘.’) Recently, Tazo phoned me up and she’s like OMG I have to take the poster down T__T, and I’m like why…. she tells me she sees a GHOST in that poster.. W T F ?

This is work safe. But for those that might imagine things, I left it as a link.

Ghost 1
Ghost 2

Tell me she’s seeing things and not me! I hope it isn’t me hehe! Actually, I’ll tell Tazo to check this post ^^ She can see it for herself that she’s obviously seeing too much stuff! She’s getting old hehe xD!

Other Random Pictures!

– Please don’t tell Jack I 2box WoW in Battleground + FFXI Salvage ‘.’! Actually… I shut down as soon as we enter, I just took the SS for fun!! You might ask why 2box? I wasn’t actually 2boxing, notice I just entered Salvage? Its actually playing WoW while I wait for it to start… I mean we all know FFXI event usually takes like an hour to gather ._.
TAKE OUT THE DAMN TRASH! (I’m pretty sure you’ve done this before ^^)
– An item that makes your mount (Chocobo) run faster. The item is call “Carrot on a Stick”!
Loot Whore in WoW… he’s being questioned before joining a Guild! hehe.
– Do you get this joke? Why there’s no Undead Hunter?
– hehe, when did Elephants became bigger than the Moon.

Interesting Vids!

from Istari… dancing Moogle lol!

300 Spartan Apples. Its pretty LOL funny! imo

Stuff below is Not Work Safe AT ALL, 18+!!!!!

I found this on WoW BlueGarter Forum (pretty much linking you Pg. 192)… I was just poking around WoW talk and found this thread.. saw a “Please look at Page 192 title” so I did! & I found… Japanese artist drawing Prishe in her sexy form… perhaps disturbing…Prishe…, Prishe 2 …. Again this is not work safe!! I hope you didn’t open it by accident at work. I made it hard to click already!

9 Responses to “Made some custom freckle DAT!”

  1. Sofo says:

    Yaoi is much better! ‘-‘ Is there any way to easy edit .dats? (For people not familiarised with doing these kind of things).

    I love your blog! There, I said it, ’nuff said! ;x

  2. Jackalman says:


    Oh, Mai, I’m VERY disappointed in you! lol, j/k, but make sure Salvage > all. ^^

  3. ClassicRed says:

    >:o! I totally see the ghost :3 Imagination station Q(‘.’Q) Its ment to be another Mithra I’m thinking!

  4. Maiev says:


    Um… when you dump “or open up” a dat file out in Model Viewer, there’s usually 4 more other files! the bmp, the dds, mcd and mqo.

    If you aren’t changing the model structure or their mapping (eg. extending those Taru ears to be even longer), then the only file it matters is the bmp file, which is what I kinda play around with.

    Modeling gets pretty difficult when you start adding vertex since for each component you add, you got to specify the material, and also their corresponding action. You know when you move your taru, your clothes kinda… move too? Well you’d have to know how to do that too. Else say you enlarge the taru bewbs ^^, but you don’t do the action file, then when you do the panic motion, you’d see your whole body move except that part that you mod.. it’d look weird but funny hehe!

    So yea, I just open it up, edit the bmp (graphic, texture), then pack it up! As long as you don’t touch the shape, its usually not too hard. (Eg. drawing a Scar onto your face etc)

    But yea, most program you see in that link are um.. in Japanese. So I guess no one was willing to write another program to make this any easier T__T.

    HAHA @ Classy! Is it a girls thing to imagine un-necessary things ._.! The boys I ask last nite on vent didn’t see it either! I’m seeing this as a boy vs girl diff ._.

    & I hope Jack didn’t click that nasty stuff @ work!

  5. Calaera says:

    lol o.o I see a ‘ghost’ but its because of the way the photo is colored and designed that makes it seem like a ghost if you focus on that one little area. Its a cute, unintentional ghost though!

    ;o; And yeah, I imagine un-necessary things all the time. The boyfriend laughs at me because of it, but at the same time he probably enjoys it because I end up clinging onto him for comfort. :o

  6. Sofo says:

    Thanks for the answer. I’ll look into it! Possibly just play with the bmps :x

  7. ClassicRed says:

    Men have no imagination……….

  8. Daggy says:

    Lmao XD a ghost?! haha, it took me a while to squint at that little section- I think someone’s been seeing too much ghost videos ^.^


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