Taru Wedding Dress DAT ‘~”

Taru Wedding Dress, FFXI, Dat

Taru Wedding Dress

I saw this dat on ffxidats.com yesterday, and since I only AFK in Alterac Valley (here, live screenshot with me in it), thought I’d do some FFXI rendering.

It turned out pretty nice :D At first I wanted the Shantotto laugh, but I thought… since its a wedding dress, why not make something adorable! So um… I added new Mandy from Wings of the Goddess, the witch from the new xpac and 2 of my “boyfriends” lol :)

  • The left is Farkee ‘~” I miss him :/ Kid got banned for stupid reasons T_T
  • The middle is Mai of course, with the cutie dress!
  • The right is Istari … Kid quit the game for stupid reasons T_T

I miss them both :/ (I must say… gotta be one of the coolest people to talk to/hang out with)

Files that might interest you.

  • Shantotto laugh? You can get em here. (Yes, you’ll laugh like Shantotto if you replaced the right thing)
  • The pretty Taru wedding dress can be found here. (or the Author)
  • The new Model Viewer list can be found here. (or Mortama’s List)

Again as always, please scan the files before you patch them into your PlayOnline / MV folder. & ya… Istari is kinda back… we were thinking of getting married (we are both dudes IRL) in-game just for laughs and giggles lol!

7 Responses to “Taru Wedding Dress DAT ‘~””

  1. Jowah says:

    OMG this is awesome O_O I’m sooooo going to put this instead of Opaline^^
    Wish it was released few weeks ago tough!

    If everything will go fine i’ll release soonish a dat mod of mine to, legs and feet are done now halfway on body!

  2. Veve says:

    Woaw, I have had so much respect for (read: been tremendously jealous of) people who know how to make these signatures, pictures and screenshots look so real by 3D rendering them. After I saw your post, I typed “ffxi rendering” in google for a tutorial, but after reading 2 lines of it, I already gave up :)

    /praise and nice work !

  3. Etain says:

    Wait, is that-! OMG! IS THAT CAIT SITH?!

  4. Maiev says:

    Thanks Veve :D

    Um… and yea Etain ‘.’ might be xD I found the new list, so clicking around new dat and found him :D

  5. Taruson says:

    Oh! People discovered my wedding dress! ^^ Im so glad all of you like it :3

  6. Maiev says:

    Hay Taruson!

    Your dat was really really amazing :O! Not only I like it, but I Love it ^^;

    Its probably the best dat on ffxidats (honest) ^^

    Keep up the good work & thanks for sharing it with us :)

  7. Taruson says:

    Ooh hehe thank you for the compliment ^^ Usually my work is never really liked, but im so glad that other people enjoy it! ^^ I will for sure keep up the work hopefully i can keep making good .dats ^^


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