Mai FFXI Fan Art Commission/Collection (2005-2009)

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FFXI Fanart - Belated Bday Gift for Sora!

Belated Bday Gift for Sora by Otak (Lurazeda)

Title: Belated Bday Gift for Sora

Artist: Otak (Lurazeda)

Type of Art: Special Appearance

Date: December 2009

Comments: So this was a belated Gift of Sorasha from Otak :P Sorasha (aka. Irish Potato) is a really cool artist as well, friendly and nice so Otak decided to just draw her something quick for her Birthday :D I happen to be a prop LOLz, bringing the stairs to Otak because us Taru are just way too small to hold a Birthday Cake… sigh @ Tarus :D

Yes, I’m Canadian and EH? LOL


FFXI Fanart - Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! by Otak (Lurazeda)

Title: Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Artist: Otak (Lurazeda)

Type of Art: Girlfriend’s Art

Date: December 2009

Comments: Well well well, Otak and Mai’s 1st appearance on FFXI Art :D Yes, 2 TaruTaru fell in love, and it kinda looks like that IRL as well haha!

We actually “kinda” have a picture in that pose IRL as well LOL :D

ANYWAY, the original intent was we were “going” to make a Christmas Card and send it to everyone, but due to various timing, it didn’t really finish on time so we’re like WELL, NEXT YEAR LOL! (lol FFXIV by then).

Regardless, it was an awesome piece, my favorite piece for obvious reason (but then I’m bias)!

As you already see, its also the banner for this blog :P Sucks that I got a lot busier that I can’t really be playing FFXI with her as much as I wanted to, but then at the same time its not a bad thing because… we really need to get moving on our lives as well, to get things done on my part, and hurry back teleport to Otak’s hometown :D


FFXI Fanart - Maiev's DuckHUNT!

Maiev’s DuckHUNT by Aene (Cactuar)

Title: Maiev’s DuckHUNT

Artist: Aene (Cactuar)

Type of Art: Doodles

Date: December 2009

Comments: It was a random doodle, but I guess Aene enjoyed my leadership so she doodled Maiev and DuckHUNT? Maybe DuckHUNT was something special to her? or maybe not lolz!

I don’t know, but she drew it with a duck/chocobo with a big grin. Maybe that’s what Aene preceived Mai, always happy and stuff in DuckHUNT



FFXI Fanart - You're Under My Spell!

You’re Under My Spell! by Cynthea83

Title: You’re Under My Spell!

Artist: Jennifer (Cynthea83)

Type of Art: Special Appearance

Date: November 2009

Comments: Both Dagg and I picked this as our self-hosted fun contest :P Gave her quite a good prize haha for trying very hard :P

Anyway, ya we were doing it as a way to market the domain but meh it didn’t really work out. That’s okay, I have something else in mind for that domain anyway :D

Back to the piece, we both chose it for a variety of reason. Very nice color selection, which brought out the atmosphere of summoning a powerful spell, the love spell :P Proportions for various objects were nicely done, composition was excellent and finally, the NPC that she decided to put on there is just amazing. Even the clink clink was charmed by Daggy, we thought it was a very nice story, not just the drawing itself :P


FFXI Fanart - Maiev and Aene Halloween!

Maiev and Aene Halloween by Aene (Cactuar)

Title: Maiev and Aene Halloween

Artist: Aene (Cactuar)

Type of Art: Doodles

Date: October 2009

Comments: Aene, my favorite White Mage in DuckHUNT, can also draw. I didn’t even know she can draw so good until she showed me “Divine Seal”, which was the winning artwork on BG.

Anyway, Aene decided to randomly doodle Mai in some weird costume LOL, holding me for Halloween :x or ate some weird cookies and transformed?

I don’t know LOL, got to ask Aene for that answer rofl :P


FFXI Fanart - Maiev redux FFXI!

Maiev redux FFXI by Jowy10

Title: Maiev redux FFXI

Artist: Jowah (Jowy10)

Type of Art: Maiev’s Fan Art

Date: September 2009

Comments: I know Jowah can draw pretty good, but then she’s just slacking off and playing FFXI more than she draws.

Anyway, yea I chat with her, and everytime I do that, I also harass her for a doodle! Jowah’s a feltpen user, an excellent one so I was hoping to harass her enough to get one haha, but she ended up not using it!

So yea, she drew this after she quit FFXI for good (which was a surprise, when she drew a Taru), but still haha, knowing that Jowah still cares about Mai even though she quit the game is all that matters :D


FFXI Fanart - Maiev and her Friends!

Maiev and her Friends by Daniel Renard

Title: Maiev and her Friends

Artist: Renard (San-Renard)

Type of Art: Commission

Date: August 2009

Comments: Coming from Renard, I think no one expected anything less. I tried quite hard to get him to do a commission for me, because as we all know, his skills is just extraordinary.

I love this piece of artwork, the details, color, lighting are just so perfect :D though the commission price wasn’t cheap :x, every penny was worth it in this jpg :P

I happen to be able to meet Renard on Midgardsormr as well, he’s pretty cool, a poor pld :P I offered to help him out but he’s like nah, just enjoy hanging around, and drawing lolz!

This piece is just so nice BUT, here’s the kicker, it took a year hahaha! It was well worth the wait :D


FFXI Fanart - Maiev and Daggy!

Maiev and Daggy by Mandas Pandas

Title: Maiev and Daggy

Artist: MandasPandas

Type of Art: Special Appearance

Date: July 2009

Comments: This is my 2nd favorite among the other entries that was submitted :P Rarely, we beat those leeches and mandy up but tonight, we are just having a campfire, and spend some good time not beating each other up. Perhaps Maiev got a charm aura? :D

The middle moonlight shine was quite nice :P


FFXI Props - Kraken Club!

Kraken Club by Harrison Krix

Title: Kraken Club

Artist: Harrison Krix

Type of Art: Commission

Date: June 2009

Comments: HOLY SHIT! I mean I own one in game, but now I’ve just brought this to the extreme and own one in REAL LIFE :D! It is one amazing piece of hardware to own. This is by far the most fun weapon I played with (well, even relic, I had the privilege to login to a Relic Sam & Relic Bow user… still isn’t as fun as this, sorry!)

I even bought this to Hong Kong Disney Land and took a few pictures :D It was fun haha! TSA even inspected my luggage, because it looked like a weapon. I had to wrap a note around it saying “PROPS!” LULZ!

For the FULL POST, please visit my full writeup.


FFXI Fanart - Memoro de la Stono!

Memoro de la Stono by Lovelydagger

Title: Memoro de la Stono

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Maiev’s Fan Art

Date: May 2009

Comments: The infamous Daggy doodling is back once again, this time Daggy drew Taru Maiev with some cool bangs and a very cute pose :P I’m sure you all can’t stop thinking Maiev is really cute :D

It’s a fun drawing to look at. Oh yea, this is also on FFXIAH’s 404 page :P hehehe!

Artist Comments:
A doodle while I was hearing this music @_@; The again it was also a little idea Mai & I thought of a while ago in our convo (( xP doodle, not detailed though )) I gave Mai’s character giant arse bangs n’ braids xD

Please Enjoy ^^


FFXI Fanart - Leech Ride!

Leech Ride by Lovelydagger

Title: Leech Ride

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Maiev’s Fan Art

Date: May 2009

Comments: Random doodle for Maiev from Daggy :P lolz. However, this turned out to be a really nice banner so I’ve actually used this for my blog banner for the longest time! It was quite sweet! Thanks Daggy once again :D!

Artist Comments:
It’s Leech on a Leech! OH NOES!

Maimaipoops is chewing on those wheat things >>;

Something I wanted to do in this hot weather..really sick..but this doodle came up in my head…XD..I thought it was too cute to pass up!

Please enjoy!


FFXI Fanart - Mai Buddy!

Mai Buddy by Priestessofpie

Title: Mai Buddy

Artist: Lyali (PriestessOfPie/PoP)

Type of Art: Commission

Date: April 2009

Comments: I’ve always had an eye on Priestess of Pie’s art. She is an artist with potential so I was like hay, lets give it a kick and give her a commission. The amount of work she put in versus the commission cost was totally blown out of proportion (she put more time than I intended)

This art was for my friend Etain, which I’ve been adventuring for quite a long time. She’s quite a funny girl to play with so I thought hay, lets put 2 things together, give PoP a commission and get Etain some personalized present :P

So there, Mai Buddy, is basically Etain + Maiev :P

Artist Comments:
My first completed commission for the very kind Maiev. He’s a very good commissioner, very thorough and always gives great feedback! It was a pleasure doing this. ^^


FFXI Fanart - Sora's 10k Kiriban

Sorasha’s 10k Kiriban by Sorasha

Title: Sorasha’s Kiriban 10k!

Artist: Sorasha

Type of Art: Gift to Maiev

Date: February 2009

Comments: I was clicking around DeviantArt and I happen to found out Sora’s Kiriban, so I kept spamming that F5 (well not really, but kinda), to constantly check and yay, I was one of the one that caught the Kiriban so she drew us together celebrating her 10k pageviews!

Congratz to Sorasha :D


FFXI Fanart - Dalaran Street

Dalaran Street by Lovelydagger

Title: Dalaran Street!

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Commission

Date: January 2009

Comments: This is an interesting commission. I know Daggy played WoW before, so she was the best person to do this. This scene is about Tsunade, Chidorii and Eleira all in WoW. We started off FFXI and all WoW together to the new server. It was Tsunade’s birthday so Eleira and I pitched in to get this drawing done. Maiev is towing the ore truck (because, Eleira loves to mine). Chidorii is running a flower to Eleira so she can give to Tsunade. You have Aerith from FF7, but she is actually IN WOW LOL!. The girl on the left is the artist Daggy :P and their favorite mount is the flying carpet, so they are moving around with it.

Of course the jokes like Omen LS, Kraken Clubs (which we both own one) are all in it :P Quite nice huh!

I gave all of them a poster size of this too :P To remember our lol WoW and FFXI adventure :P


FFXI - Maiev Plush!

Maiev Plush! by Pandari

Title: Maiev Plush!

Artist: Pandari

Type of Art: Commission

Date: January 2009

Comments: This plushie took over a couple of months to finish. However, I was really really really satisfied with the outcome. I always believe in taking longer to do a better job and… it never seems to lie to me!

You can see the actual post here on Pandari’s DA.

The detail was amazing. This thing is REALLY huggable :P The hat on the RDM fits on me. The materials used was not cheap. It closely resembles what you’d actually use on a Cosplay :)

The clothes were all removable! The worksmenship on the chains was just amazing :D and every detail wasn’t left out. Front, back, every bits and pieces. She asked questions to ensure everything was done right :) I love this doll!

I would definitely recommend you to get one :) If you got the patience and an extra few bucks :) It is very well worth it!

Artist Comments:
This is a commission for Majeev (DA)
(Thank you sooo much for your patience btw~! :hug: )

It’s a Taru from Final Fantasy XI 11.. however you want to do it.

She stands a total of 25 inches tall!

She’s made out of flannel, moleskin, a nice thick cotton/rayon blend, wire, gold woven trim, gold bias tape, gold decorative trim, gold embossing foil, Jewelry stuff etc..

She took approx 3 months to complete!
Most definitely my biggest and most complicated plush yet.

The hat and Jacket are removable, also the belt but it should only be removed for washing as the jewelry is kind of fragile for washing.

I’m most proud of the hat though :) It’s hand painted and will actually fit my head :o So that should be fun for them!


FFXI Fanart - Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays by Lovelydagger

Title: Happy Holidays

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Collaboration

Date: December 2008

Comments: This one is actually a collaboration between Daggy and I. She did the artwork and I made the card. It’s a pretty interesting card. Mai Taru was nekked :P

If you find the post on my blog, then yea you deserve to see the card!

Anyway, it was fun, sent it to a lot of people but I’m sure it’s just goes to the trash after the laughs and giggles lolz.

Artist Comments:
Merry Christmas to all~ I hope you guys have a good holiday and new year > u <...oy now time for me to sleep n' work! *huggles everyone* Mahal kita everyone~~~ --Idea created by Maiev ^^~-I hope everyone who has this card enjoyed it LOL


FFXI Fanart - My Peeps!

My Peeps by Lovelydagger

Title: My Peeps

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Doodles

Date: October 2008

Comments: Well lol, I guess Daggy suddenly misses her Taru buddies so much and decided to harass them! Look at Mai and Farkee :( Crying for their life while Daggy bossy her way around LOL!

Artist Comments:

*uses her taru-taru buddies to rest her arms*

going to be loads of heavy work on commissions, but pretty excited about them-lots of cute and fun themes from people’s original ideas = u =!!!

o____o I swear I treat tarus as equals-really!!! I DO!

Bottom left is Maiev -aka Maimai and Farkee on the right-who is lame and doesn’t have an active DA account.


FFXI Fanart - DuckHUNT Vacation!

DuckHUNT Vacation by Aene (Cactuar)

Title: DuckHUNT Vacation

Artist: Aene (Cactuar)

Type of Art: Collaboration

Date: August 2008

Comments: These drawing were drawn just prior to our Real-Life Linkshell Vacation to Orlando. The character in that poster was actually made individually into a T-Shirt, which we all wore on our vacation. We had a picture with all of us wearing a DuckHUNT shirt haha. The staff asked if we were like a family or something rofl.

It was very sweet of Aene to put together this :D That vacation was awesome, to get to know the people behind the keyboard, to meet some amazing people, an experience to hang out with FFXI geeks and best of all, really enjoyed it by getting literally, pissed drunk every night!

So yea, the poster said “Electric Lemonade”. It was our alcoholic drink that we all enjoy. It had a flashy star cube inside our drink, which made it so LOL. We would walk a few, go in and get that Electric Lemonade again, so the poster is really to remind us all the good times together :D

I love DuckHUNT :D


Title: Maiev

Artist: Yuukino (Unusualkitty)

Type of Art: Gift to Maiev

Date: April 2008

Comments: This drawing was another Birthday present of mine. It was very sweet of her :D She packed chocolates into the treasure coffer (a basket”, with gold, inside she tucked this drawing in and sent it :D I was very happy to receive this present.

I’m really glad to have wonderful DuckHUNT members. Receiving presents like this one really makes me feel that I’ve been a wonderful adventurer, a leader and someone who makes other happy :D and in return they draw Maiev in one crazy motion :D

Maiev is quite a crazy taru huh :P


FFXI Fanart - Maimai, Farkee and I!

Maimai, Farkee and I! by Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Title: Maimai, Farkee and I

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Gift to Maiev

Date: March 2008

Comments: This is by far one of the bestest drawing of all 3 of us. Daggy, Farkee and I knew each other from separate occasion (Farkee knew Daggy from forum, I knew Daggy from commission). We somehow then found out we all know each other and Daggy decided to sweeten it up and drew us all together :) It was very sweet of her! Thank you Daggy :D!


FFXI Fanart - Windurst Chocobo Stables!

Windurst Chocobo Stables by Lovelydagger

Title: Taru-Waru Love

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Maiev’s Fan Art

Date: November 2007

Comments: Daggy loved Farkee, Mai and his friend, always been supportive so she suddenly felt motivated to draw all her friends/buddies onto one fanart, so there it is, a drawing with all of us in it!

Artist Comments:
Just Maiev, Farkee, Dragozai and I hanging about in the Chocobo stables. >-> Farkee is the one petting~ *shakes fist*

This took me a while =-= The horrid procrastination killed me here. But I finarrrlly finished it = A=

Thanks Dagg!


FFXI Fanart - Maiev!

Maiev! by Jowy10

Title: Maiev!

Artist: Jowah (Jowy10)

Type of Art: Gift for Maiev

Date: November 2007

Comments: Well this was a very special one for Maiev. I actually have this one printed on poster as well.

Anyway, during the drawing progress, I kinda disrespected Jowah :( She was very kind to draw me a gift and I just kinda errr.. did the opposite >.>

Still feel sorry :x but I love this piece ;D in Jowah’s mind, Maiev is a “um…..” person rofl. At least that’s what the art looks like!

Oh yea, lol I think Jowah’s the first person to try and draw out my equipment rofl. My nice shiny rings and earrings LOL! Maiev always so shiny :D


FFXI Fanart - Taru Waru Love!

Taru-Waru love by Lovelydagger

Title: Taru-Waru Love

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Maiev’s Fan Art

Date: November 2007

Comments: Daggy and I have been friends for quite some time, chatting and etc. Although I can’t draw, I do have a slight sense of art and gives comments and help her improve. Anyway, I made her Daggyink out of boredom, and she draws me doodles out of boredom :P I guess we are both really boring people!

Anyway, this piece is special, really tells me that Daggy is really nice to know me, to really have a drawing dedicated just to me :D

Thanks Dagg!


FFXI Fanart - Heavens Tower!

Heavens Tower by Lovelydagger

Title: Heavens Tower

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Commission

Date: October 2007

Comments: There has been numerous one before this, so I was pretty comfortable with Daggy and her commission quality :P

I went on and ask for a commish with Roranora in mind, and yay I got something quite cool, spending the night with him at Heavens Tower.

Why? Well, both of us (Rora and I), are super competitive player, and we rarely sit down, and just have a chat. We never did in the end (before he quit), so the only way it will happen was drawn out :P

So yea, this is the scene of just 2 good buddies sitting down enjoying the night than killing 1337 mobs all the time lolz!

I’ve printed a poster for both Xariana and Roranora from this piece of work :P It looks great on the wall :D!

Btw, the right TaruTaru is Mai, and I’m holding a Daggy Plushie :P


FFXI Fanart - Resting!

Resting by Lovelydagger

Title: Resting

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Maiev’s Fan Art

Date: September 2007

Comments: I love this haha, see I’m a dude, playing a female, so its kinda cool to see it so cuddy, warm and fuzzy when you are a female! (makes me wanna be a girl for a bit!)

I actually printed it this one in big poster size :D Looks cool as hell LOLOL!

Artist Comments:
^^ A gift for my Cute Taru Taru buddies in the whole world. . .

Maive & Farkee :heart: I LOVE YOU GUYS ^0^;~ Huuu~!

Poor Farkee, wonder why this is so awkward for you…? GO SLEEP -_-‘

Oh yeah- people keep wondering if Maiev is “touching” or hugging Daggy while they are asleep- All I gotta say is…IT’S UP TO YOU TO DECIDE XD lmao, let your imagination role :3…because when I did this-I swear it’s only meant to be cute xD…come on! *crazy laugh*

Farkee, well XD he’s a boy-his thoughts are easy to see :3


FFXI Fanart - Maiev loves Money by Farkee

Maiev loves Money by Farkee

Title: Maiev loves Money

Artist: Farkee

Type of Art: Doodles

Date: October 2006

Comments: Freaking Farkee, he’s damn poor so he’s always after my gil’s. Everyday, he wakes up and he sees me earning gil, but he was too lazy to do the same, so he always just get jealous of me earning gil’s LOL.

I eventually even gave him a Curse Crown -1, which he got it banned for some stupid lame reasons.

Anyway, this was an art where Farkee just felt like doodling Mai into making gil. See the bubbles on top of Mai? To him, Mai is either exping, making gil or studying (which I believe, is perfectly normal for a university kid LOL!)

LOL @ Farkee :P


FFXI Fanart - Farkee and Maiev Posing!

My Friend by Farkee

Title: Farkee’s Friend – Maiev

Artist: Farkee

Type of Art: Maiev’s Fan Art

Date: March 2006

Comments: This art piece is a long story. This is 2006, so I was maybe 21 years old, Farkee was 16 :P still a kid. Well back then I started doing dat swap. We found Genbu/Adamantoise’ water spray animation was pretty cool, so I swapped it to replace refresh.

Farkee saw my awesome SS, so he swapped it to a spraying animation :P, as if we were peeing :P, we kinda joked around. Everytime he wanted refresh, he’d say “Please pee on me!” rofl.

So there it is, the drawing is suppose to reflect me peeing on him, hence refreshing him :P

Farkee got awesome cute art :D


FFXI Fanart - Farkee, Daggy and Maiev's Sketch

Daggy’s TaruTarus by LovelyDagger

Title: Daggy’s TaruTaru Buddies

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Doodles

Date: February 2006

Comments: I wish she colored this one, because it looks hella sweet. But one thing I never knew was Daggy was close to Farkee :P Farkee knew Daggy via drawing, I found Daggy via KI, and I happen to be in Farkee’s LS, boy the world is small :P

So Daggy decided to draw us together :P Such a sweet moment :D

I really like the expression, it was a :O at that time lol, I guess since I don’t know Daggy that well so she drew that question mark expression lawl!


FFXI Fanart - Maiev's Real Life Friend

Maiev’s Real Life Friend

Title: Maiev’s Real Life Friend

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Commission

Date: December 2005

Comments: After trying out the 1st commission, I must say I fell in love with personalized art. Anyhow. During 2005, a ton of my friends was still playing so I’ve decided to get a commission with all my real-life friends in it :P yes, I had that many in Toronto playing with me.

Actually, I knew them all in FFXI and up till today 2010, we are close hang-out buddies :P It’s pretty magical how you can bond with people via games. Well it beats going into clubs since, the people you do happen to meet IRL over game, are people you are probably comfortable with and have common interest.

Summoner: Cus
Thief: Catalyst
Corsair: Eeto
Samurai: Sohjai
Blue Hair: Tazo
Dalmatica: Maiev
Vermillion: Sohmui

Although most have quit since it was quite boring, but we still hang out IRL :) I think that was one of the greatest reward playing FFXI, expanding friendship to my gaming buddies!

I gave every one of them a poster :P So we all have one hanging in our room :P It’s quite memorable, draws back memories and hehe!


FFXI Fanart - MaiTalu of Fenrir by Daggy

MaiTalu Color by LovelyDagger

Title: Maiev of Fenrir

Artist: Daggy (Lovelydagger)

Type of Art: Commission (Chibi)

Date: September 2005

Comments: This was Mai’s 1st ever commission. I didn’t know how these works so I started low :P $10 for a Chibi :P However, I didn’t know having a piece of art personalized to you was so powerful! I used this little chibi for various forum avatar and boy it looks cute as hell :P Lets just say it can make a “mean” person look “cute and nice” just by this avatar haha!

And yea, I found Daggy via KI’s epic artist thread :P she seems to know what she was doing.


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