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The beginning of everything.

One picture is worth a thousand words, and I have two! You can see it there. I have become an official member of BeyondTheLimitation since 29/09/2007. It was all thanks to everyone in BtL for letting me in, even though I haven’t yet done much for the shell, except being a pain for mages’ MP! […]

Rapid Shot: Thought #1.

Rapid Shot: Occasionally quickens Ranged attack. The time being cut is based on the Ranged attack time, i.e aiming time will always be fixed and cannot be reduced. This ability is similar to Conserve MP of Black Mage, i.e it is always active, and randomly cut the Ranged attack time by a percentage, which should […]

EES > All. How?

Eagle Eye Shot has always been one of the best friend with any Ranger. It is a powerful single attack, which is very accurate, and it supposingly does five times your normal single shot. In the early career of a ranger, EES is always the best attack you can access, until LV 54-55, when you […]

Gears for Weapon skill on Dynamis Lord.

There was once this discussion on Allakhazam about damage on Dynamis Lord. In that topic, VZX found out that VIT of Dynamis Lord is in the range of 109-111. I have always wanted to test the number myself, but never was able to hit capped pDiF due to no DRG in our LS for Angon, […]

Final Fantasy SEVEN.

Obligatary post or Maitalu will question me! I have been able to figure most of the fSTR2 for rank 9 ranged weapon (Yoichinoyumi). From the upper value of delta STR (15+) the calculation of fSTR2 = floor((Delta STR +4)/2) works. The only thing left now is to figure out the lower value of delta STR. […]