Gears for Weapon skill on Dynamis Lord.

There was once this discussion on Allakhazam about damage on Dynamis Lord. In that topic, VZX found out that VIT of Dynamis Lord is in the range of 109-111. I have always wanted to test the number myself, but never was able to hit capped pDiF due to no DRG in our LS for Angon, until today.

Neck piece is Hope Torque – I am hoping to get hold of the Justice Torque, but it seems a bit difficult now as my LS does not do sea regularly anymore, and there are a few SAMs still needing it. I used Red Curry, so total STR would be 66 + 50 = 116, total AGI = 77 + 36 = 113.

Using the result of Threx in the topic mentioned above, I am pretty sure I hit capped pDiF with Soul Voice + Double Minuets + Berserk + Warcry + Angon + Dia III + Flashy shot + Red Curry. So let’s get to the calculation.

WSC = floor(floor(113 x 0.3) x 0.83) = 27

2565 = Base_Damage x 5 x 3.0
-> Base_Damage = 171

171 = WD + AD + WSC + fSTR2
= 51 + 90 + 27 + fSTR2

-> fSTR2 = 3

Using the fSTR2 table for Culverin +1, which is a rank 6 weapon, it can be guessed that Delta STR can range anywhere from 0 to minus 4 (the data for rank 6 weapon is not there, but you can check the pattern for rank 1-5 and guess). Now, that means Dynamis Lord’s VIT should range anywhere from 116 to 120. Hmm … something is wrong here … maybe Choke was used in the case in the topic?

Wiki tells us that Choke can knock down VIT of the monster depending on the INT of the caster. Now, I am not a career mage, but I do know getting over 100 INT is not too hard for any mage who has to debuff. That means, Dynamis Lord’s VIT would be reduced by 11 if Choke is used.

Considering the discrepancy, only 109 would be reasonable for Dynamis Lord’s VIT after Choke, seeing that 120 – 11 = 109 . If that is the case, then Dynamis Lord’s VIT would be constant at 120 without any debuffs!

Current conclusion : Dynamis Lord’s VIT is 120.

Knowing that, it is pretty easy to maximise your damage on Dynamis Lord. Noticing that in my gears setup, I did not use a lot of Ranged Attack equipment. This suggests that Berserk + Warcry + Red Curry + Double Minuets with the help of debuffs Angon + Dia III would be enough for you to hit pDiF cap.

What is left is to switch a few gears around, and ask your best BLM/RDM to land Choke on Dynamis Lord. This is quite crucial as it would help you to improve your fSTR2 more if you add more STR (if your Delta STR is negative, the range for it to stay the same while adding STR incrementally by 1 is quite big). Remember that Dynamis Lord has rather weak evasion (or none as someone told me), with Feint help you won’t need any accuracy piece at all to land your Slug Shot.

The gears which can/should be switched that I can think of at the moment:

Neck piece : Possibly better using Justice Torque (+5 STR) or Breeze Gorget.

Justice torque can improve your fSTR2 by 2~3. With fTP 5.0 and capped pDiF 3.0, that is 30 ~ 45 increase in damage comparing to no neck piece.

Breeze Gorget increase your damage by Base damage x 0.1 x 3.0; It is easy to get your Base Damage over 150 with Culverin +1, which means your damage will be increased by 45+ with Breeze Gorget. So it will be better to use Breeze Gorget in this case.

Hope Torque only increase your WSC by 1~2, which is obviously less than the increase in fSTR2 with Justice Torque, so it is a bad choice here, since your pDiF is capped.

Belt : Possibly better with JSE belt LV70.

4STR can potentially increase your fSTR2 by 2, while +5AGI from Scout’s belt will at most increase your WSC by 2, give that you have some spare 2 AGI somewhere in total AGI.

I am not aware of any other piece of equipment that can increase more STR/AGI than the ones I already mentioned. If you happen to know one, please let me know.

7 Responses to “Gears for Weapon skill on Dynamis Lord.”

  1. VZX says:

    your WSC is actually 28, not 27. So your fSTR2 = 2.

    Since fSTR2=2 corresponds to STR-VIT=-4~-5, then DLord VIT is 120~121
    That’s kinda inconsistent. Even with level difference DLord won’t give appear with 10 VIT difference. So I also inclined to believe there was choke casted on Threx’ DLord

    On your equipment:
    Since you capped your pDIF, probably ratk+10 from vulcan staff is meaningless(maybe)..
    probably try woodville’s + ifrit’s blade? (lol)

  2. VZX says:

    just done re-read Threx’ post. They used choke :P

  3. Ashiya says:

    Do I need to floor the 113 x 0.3, or only the whole equation? :( I always get confused when it comes to floor the stuffs.

    I could try one of the other axe/sword, but none of them will give higher STR than Vulcan’s staff :D Vulcan’s staff still gives 5STR besides the 10 Ranged attack XD

  4. VZX says:

    Ah right, forgot you were /WAR

    yep, round 113x.3
    You wrote it that way, do it that way :P

  5. Kittyo says:

    Would Faith Torque be better in this case also?

  6. VZX says:

    Nah, Faith Torque adds to your ranged attack while using marksmanship weapon.

    But since in this case (pDIF capped), any additional atk is meaningless. only those that’ll enhance your base damage can raise your damage. And in this case, Breeze gorget simply the best for raising your base damage

  7. Shadida says:

    Haha, now I know why you told me to keep Jungle Sash for DL yesterday! Too bad Lhexh will always make me bring THF :(


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