Final Fantasy SEVEN.

Obligatary post or Maitalu will question me!

I have been able to figure most of the fSTR2 for rank 9 ranged weapon (Yoichinoyumi). From the upper value of delta STR (15+) the calculation of fSTR2 = floor((Delta STR +4)/2) works. The only thing left now is to figure out the lower value of delta STR. For this I will need a lot of help from XP PT. If you see a lonely Mithra RNG lfp for the next few days, please invite her!

Anyways … besides the happy facts that I crafted this thing (1/5) :D nothing much has happened lately. I started replaying FFVII (15th time >.>a) + FFVII Dirge of Cerberus (DoC). I love how the story of FFVII goes. It is like a fairy tale, but unlike FFVI or FFIX, it consists of complicated matters which are very similar to real life, which is why it always gives me a warm and close feeling. Playing FFVII is like going through something that can/will actually happen sometimes in your life. It is far from reach, but it is there.

No matter how people say, I still love FFVII. If you embrace it normally, you can feel the beauty of the game. Sadly, many people approached it with the hope to compare the game to some other games on an irrelevant basis, which in turn lead to some disappointments.

In FFVII, I love the tragic side of the game. I love how people who have totally different objectives can join together, and can actually work together. I love how people can love each other without being selfish, and I love how SE can put joys into tragic events. Somehow, when you play it, you feel the urge to play more, both because of the tragic side, and of the cheerful side.

I have seen various love stories, and I have experienced some. There were no story which compares to what FFVII can offer, though. Cloud and Aeris, for what people have been discussing for so many years, will still remain a mystery. What Cloud has for Aeris is not just simple friendship or respect, it goes beyond a normal relationship that a boy would have for a girl, but it stops at a random destination which will make you get confused. The rather reluctance and awkwardness of Cloud, as well as the cheerful and carefree characteristic of Aeris, together, make their story more like a dream, simply because it can never be reached. There was no regret after all, and there was no selfishness like in FFVIII.

DoC offered a brand new view of Vincent and Lucrecia. While the story is pretty much covered in the original FFVII, Vincent and Lucrecia were rather a small matter there within the whole Planet problem. I remember a lot of fans were criticizing SE for making a sequel which does not cover what they wanted, which was Aeris and Cloud’s past. But after years, all those complaints vanished, leaving only compliments and praises for what DoC can bring. I always loved Vincent in the game. He had no objective, or he did, but he was not clear of it either. The pain that Vincent had to suffer was probably more than anyone else in the game. Despite all the sadness, he was still himself, a hero, a man who valued friendship and would keep every promise he made. DoC has some amazing Cutscenes too, if you really like FFVII, you should positively try to get this game. It unfolds a lot of stuffs which may have been confusing in the original game. Yuffie is great in this game too! And it has a super nice ending XD

Maitalu once accused me of writing too much w/o pictures! That is true though :( because I really suck at computer, so I am lazy to crop image and such. So for now, I will leave you with some really nice AMVs I found on Youtube about the games then! Hope they won’t spoil you too much :x

Till the end of time, forever.

Here without you

Bring me back to life


Random extra must watch – They are super funny XD – Animexel is really good at making these things, you can find more about him on Youtube XD

Btw, you can find the ending of DoC on Youtube, but I strongly recommend you to play the game before watching it :x because it has some new characters, and the plot goes after Advent Children, as I remember.

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