EES > All. How?

Eagle Eye Shot has always been one of the best friend with any Ranger. It is a powerful single attack, which is very accurate, and it supposingly does five times your normal single shot. In the early career of a ranger, EES is always the best attack you can access, until LV 54-55, when you can finally learn how to use Sidewinder/Slugshot.

EES formula is pretty much similiar to Sidewinder/Slugshot, except that it is not a Weapon skill, thus it does not have any WSC in the formular. Given that you are not using Sea gorget, the formula would be like:

  • EES = floor((WD + AD + fSTR2) x 5.0 x pDiF)
  • Sidewinder/Slugshot = floor((WD + AD + fSTR2 + WSC) x 5.0 x pDiF)

Just by looking at the formula, one would definitely conclude that Sidewinder/Slugshot is always better than EES. I used to agree, and I did not doubt for a second. But as more rangers pumping significantly high number of EES on Dynamis Lord, while Slugshot/Sidewinder could never reach that high, I suspected something is wrong. With the help and confirmation of VZX, I finally found out why EES, in some cases, can out damage your best weapon skill.

The reason is simple: Eagle Eye Shot can critical hit like a normal shot.

To test this theory, I used Yoichinoyumi + Kabura Arrows and chose Rabbits as the test target (I know, they are poor little things, but they are good for tests >.> god forgives me). pDiF is always capped at 3.0 on Rabbits, as well as fSTR2 at 34 (see previous post), so the equation can be predicted.

For a non-critical EES:

  • EES = floor((81 + 38 + 34) x 5.0 x 3.0) = 2295

For a critical EES:

  • EES = floor(floor((81 + 38 + 24) x 5.0 x 3.0) x 1.25) = 2868

Bingo! EES can critical like any normal single shot!

That means, EES can potentially out damage your highest ever Sidewinder/Slugshot. This explains why Ranger sometimes see higher EES than Sidewinder/Slugshot on Dynamis Lord too.

It also means … now it is time to test which attribute affects the critical hit rate of ranged attack. If we can find it out, then instead of all STR on Dynamis Lord, you can switch that attribute in to hope that EES can critical. Your damage on EES will go up much higher in that case!

5 Responses to “EES > All. How?”

  1. VZX says:

    Sidewinder > Critical EES when WSC value is larger than fSTR2+Weapon D + ammo D, which practically won’t happen :P

    can’t say anything about ranged critical improvement. It’s not DEX for sure

  2. Ashiya says:

    I was thinking about AGI, because for that critical EES, I actually wore Seiryu’s Kote with the hope for it to critical, so it … may be AGI, gotta test more! :D

  3. VZX says:

    Hmmm, looks like I made a slight mistake above. On crit, pDIF increase is 0.75 if non-crit pDIF=3.0. But on case where pDIF=1.0, the increase is about 0.25, just about the same as percentage of WSC in base damage (WSC/(WD + aD + fSTR2))

  4. Ashiya says:

    Do you mean on low pDiF, critical EES would not be attractive? I would not doubt that, wish ranged attack critical follows the same rule like melee attack >.> Wouldn’t that be nice?

    So far, by testing DEX and AGI set separately, I haven’t been able to find any abnormal result to conclude what affect ranged critical hit :/ I am thinking of samples of 500 shots on similar monsters. 1000 may be better, but even with Loxley Bow, shooting 1000 arrows is quite daunting >.>

  5. Shadida says:

    This is a fascinating test, very good to know! Thanks Miki. :)


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