The beginning of everything.

One picture is worth a thousand words, and I have two!

You can see it there. I have become an official member of BeyondTheLimitation since 29/09/2007. It was all thanks to everyone in BtL for letting me in, even though I haven’t yet done much for the shell, except being a pain for mages’ MP! Thank you, Lhexh, Sylphet, Rukenshin, Shadida, Meythia, Jedite, Danerys, Blackice (basically most of the people in BtL!) for letting me have the chance to prove myself worthwhile as an addition to the shell! Now the road has open, a new beginning has come, I will have to work harder to be an innate part of the shell, and I believe I will be able to do that! :D


It has been a quite amazing month for me in game, not only due to the facts I was accepted into BtL. Due to a great pre-sessional Mathematics study (just did the exams, and it was soooo hard!), I did not have a lot of time to do many stuffs which I planned to, but the ones that I could do, turned out to be really fun and exciting.


Again, a picture is worth a thousand words! And this time, I have four! :D

I have to thank everyone in BtL for knowing how to maximise damage potential so efficiently. Without their support (<3 Danerys, <3 Sylphet, <3 Asukka, <3 everyone else!), I could never reach those numbers. Note: Angon + SV Double Minuets = biggggggg number!

P.S: The Barrage was not a tripled one either. If you take that number and multiply by 3, you could imagine how crazy it would be if the Barrage was tripled >_>


With the number of events count around 1.5 (Salvage “Every god damn day” >.>) on average everyday, I started crafting again to support myself with regular expense. The big hit is still Aristocrat’s Coat, since I was able to push the price of Noble’s Tunic up so I can break even/gain a small profits on NQ even, and HQ is at least 2.5M profits :D

“The pictures/results speak for themselves”


Soooo, as you can see, everything has been going so good so far. Looking back, I could see how lucky I was. I don’t know if it would be different otherwise, but I know for sure that being able to join Team Elitist (consisting of Lhexh, Sylphet, Rukenshin, Blackice, Shadida, Meythia, Jedite, Keichan) for Salvage was a huge advantage as I got every support I needed to bring my Ranger job to its best, and thus could show what I am capable of during the application period. So really, I would like to give a big hug to Sylphet, and want to thank everyone in the team sooo much. Without you all, I would not have done what I did! :D

But of course, as I am mean …

A picture is worth a thousand words . _ . Click it to see the full image!

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  1. Trey says:


    Did you change your name from Ashiya in FF? O.o Those are some big numbers and you STILL owe me an e-mail D:::::::::::::::::

  2. Shadida says:

    Miki~ Hey! I finally found your blog. :) So happy for you, welcome to the LS!


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