Oh my god, I finally got hold of this anime! Finally!

If you don’t know about Clannad, this link may give you some ideas (don’t read too far though! a lot of spoilers there!). It took almost 3 years for this amazing novel to be turned into an anime, and I have absolutely no complaint when the rights to produce anime was given to Kyoto Animation (the one which made crazy animes like Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Air, etc…)

So far, 2 episodes have been released, and as it stands, today should be the day when episode 3 will be released. I just can’t wait! XD Some people didn’t really like the first episode (I guess they were expecting something more epic;). In my opinion, both episodes were pretty good! The storyline should get much more interesting soon, if the anime follows both Arcs of the game (which it should >.>a).

I can’t wait until this 26th October. The reason is that the ED of Clannad CD will be (supposedly) released by that day. The first time I heard the ending (after Episode 1 of course!), I was totally shocked and immersed. Then the week after that, I kept singing it for hours, which nearly got me a day off as my boss thought I was having a mental problem from working too much XD I think you may like it too, thus I present you the ending of Clannad on Youtube, so you can sing too!

Dango Daikazoku.

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  1. Millions says:

    awww that such a cute ending, ive never heard of this anime/manga but l’ll keep an eye open for it

    *sings the little tune*

  2. Ashiya says:

    Yay, if you need a link to watch it, let me know XD

  3. VZX says:

    “doriburu~~~ syuuto!”

  4. Kittyo says:

    j/w would Skadi Hands be better for rng or Seiryu’s Kote damage wise >_<

  5. Ashiya says:

    Skadi Hands is better in most situation:

    Lose 10 AGI : Lose 2~3 raw WSC and 5 effective ranged accuracy
    Gain 5 STR : Gain 2~3 (fSTR2 + WSC)
    Gain 10 ranged attack: Standard pDiF would be increase by around 3% (in the case of Colibri)

    So you would trade about 15 ranged accuracy for about 30 ~ 50 damage in weapon skill. To comfortably WS at 100% TP, I would really need quite a substantial amount of ranged accuracy w/o Prelude from BRD, so I don’t see the point of using it in normal merit situation.

    That being said, if you have a BRD singing Prelude for you, it would be better than Seiryu’s Kote/Blood Finger Gaunlets for sure for WS wise (and TP if you want).

    For zerging situation (like Dynamis Lord), with my pDiF near cap, it pretty much depends on situation by situation. Given Feint, you would not have to worry too much about ranged accuracy, so even with WSC 30% of gun, your WSC will increase by roughly 2.4 with 10 extra AGI. Since my STR is an odd number, adding 5 STR will always increase my fSTR2 by 3, which is of course more than the increase in WSC. pDiF should be near cap, but in the case it is not, the increase by 10 ranged attack should help too. So again, if you have the support of Feint/BRD, Skadi Hands will be better.

  6. Kittyo says:

    Another thing, i just hit EES 2times on Long-Armed Chariot today and once it did like 600+ and the 2nd time it did 46? iunno why ._.

  7. Ashiya says:

    There could be a few reasons why it was like that:

    1/ Your 1st EES critical hit, your 2nd did not.
    2/ Dia somewhere >.>
    3/ Food;
    4/ Buffs;

    Usually, my Sidewinder hit anywhere from 1.3 – 2K on that NM. That is with double minuets and (usually) Dia III, Berserk, Coeurl Sub. If you haven’t figured out yet, the 2.9K SS was with the drink that increases your damage dealt to mobs in Salvage XD (I believe it is a % increase in your overall damage, so even with pDiF capped or such, your damage still increases with it)

  8. Tethys says:

    i love your blog! Are you going to update anymore? i’m sad if you’ve quite ….. :(

  9. Jkun says:

    OH MY GOD I LOVE HARUHI AND LUCKY STAR, Kyoto animation are so good, I gotta see this shit.

    Also ohai~ <3


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