Rukenshin’s disease.

I’m not dead yet!

But, I’m seriously affected by Rukenshin’s disease;

Just kidding XD I have been so busy lately with exams and other stuffs that I haven’t been able to find myself some good time to do enough events for regular blog update. I will soon (hopefully) be able to write often again!

For now, 1 picture is worth a thousand words!

Kirin, Ashiya, Rukenshin

Red Curry + Berserk + Flashy shot + Angon + 1 Minuet (no SV) + Velocity Shot.

2 Responses to “Rukenshin’s disease.”

  1. karumii says:

    well hey there! nice to see all is well with you :) looks like you’ve found that love for ffxi again lol…but anyway i saw this link on some ffxi website and thought…”hey! i know her!” anyway…i guess i wont see you around lol…hope u are enjoying yourself….cya….im most certain forever /bow

  2. Kittyo says:

    update update update :P!


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