Wake me up when September ends!

The last week was a pretty good week for me! I got my exams results for the pre-sessional course for my Master study, and it turned out that I did pretty well :D (in top 10 or so, I can’t remember XD), so that means I will be less worried about the course itself, which in turns, means that I may actually have some more time for FFXI testing and stuffs >.>


It is always the hot topic in FFXI, because w/o sufficient gil, it is hard for you to do significant things. It is true that skill must always be involved first, but that doesn’t mean you can go on being a super player without the needed equipments to backup your skill. I have been rather lucky in the last week, as somehow … I went 2/2 on Aristocrat’s coat >.> It is selling at 3.5 – 4M here, with materials costing me around 800K, which means a 3M profits on average – Not bad at all considering the current economy! :D


Since my LS usually kills Dynamis Lord too fast – go go 20 people with less than 30 seconds DL kill;; I have been trying to improve the record of my Slug Shot on this squishy monster. Probably not many people noticing it, but as I mentioned, with pDiF being capped, the only thing you can do to improve your maximum damage on Dynamis Lord is by increasing the fSTR2 and WSC. Considering that fSTR2 has a mod of 50% (2 STR in exchange of 1 Base Damage from fSTR2), while WSC has maximum a 30% AGI mod in the case of Slug Shot, a focus to increase STR should be the best way.

Now, STR is not easy to get when you have all the possible STR gears, so I tempted to try the unusual method – using medicine XD According to FFXIWiki , Strength Potion can increase your STR randomly by 10% -> 50% of your Base STR (That’s a lot – if you hit the 50% mark, you can increase your fSTR2 by at least 0.5x(30+4) = 17, which is close to the cap of Culverin +1 fSTR2 already!). So yeah >.> I used it, and got a bonus of 7STR (boo;), but it was worth it to get this damage:

Granted that I don’t have Light Gorget yet (don’t laugh;;), and that I was given an approximately 10% bonus (the lowest possible), and that we didn’t use Choke to reduce Dynamis Lord’s VIT, I believe that a 2.8K Slug Shot on Dynamis Lord is totally possible, and I really hope someday I will be able to do that XD

Note: If your LS is not strong enough to kill DL w/o you sacrificing some damage, don’t use this method >.> Strength Potion gives you medicated effect for 15 minutes, so you won’t be able to use Icarus Wing, which of course leads to a bigger loss of overall damage.

Besides that, as an usual activity, we attempted various strategies for Salvage for fun, and thanks to Danerys (Dany! <3), those numbers were made possible!

The last one involved a bit of trick XD But I will let you figure it out!

I really have to thank all the mages in BtL though, without them, I would not be able to stand alive to shoot, not to mention making those big numbers. I think I’m one of the biggest MP Sponge in BtL, and any mage who is in the same PT with me must have had a terrible time XD I put my trust in any mage I PT with though, and honestly, BtL’s mages are around the best you can find nowadays. They have kept me alive, they haven’t complained much. Thank you, mages in BtL! :D

That’s being said, I have to agree with Jedite’s quote >.>


To end this entry, I would like to invite you all to the day I achieved the scariest victory that any person in FFXI would dare to do!

– Kill your own Linkshell Leader -!

In before Lhexh says this is shopped!

If you don’t know, he has a tendency to randomly die somewhere in Vana’diel, without any MPK from his LS member though …

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