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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Lalafella in FFXIV ZOMG! Adorable! Seasons Greetings! Happy Holidays :) Got a little bit of time to drop a message! Just to let everyone know I’m still alive! In fact, I’m even playing FFXI! Just look at my big fat shopping list lol! So regardless, I hope you’re Christmas is going good as well! Yes, […]

Lalafella customization now available?!

Customizing Mai Future Lalafella, now with Rainbow Highlights! No, not the in-game one :D but the one that people provide in PSD. Obviously there were some really bored people and started doing crazy things with the “few” shots that’s provided by Square-Enix. My favorite one gotta be the rainbow highlights. Then you have chocolate Miqo’te. […]

FFXI Art Contest by Daggy/Mai!

Zzing over Drawing? Now you have a reason to draw! The FFXI Art Community For FFXI Art addicts, we know that the FFXI Fan Art community is pretty scattered. We sure have a rock-solid Hentai forum at neko-sentai run by Gulkeeva. Very nicely ran. But when it comes to just normal art… like cute looking […]

The FFXIV Blog / Fan Art

The FFXIV Blog Team! The FFXIV Blog :D I’ve been amazingly busy :3 But I’d still like to let everyone know I’m part-time working on the FFXIV Blog :D Yes, it’s actually at Not some random gil farming websites or stupid domain parking. For me, playing the game is half the fun, the other […]

FFXIV (14) Online now with Video Trailer

Here’s another version :D Official website here. I see all 5 races, I see amazing graphics, I see SE learned some stuff. I see it’s for both PS3 and PC! Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, FFXIV (14). Holy shit this is going to chew up my life again XD and yea lets all play on the […]