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Zzing over Drawing? Now you have a reason to draw!

The FFXI Art Community

For FFXI Art addicts, we know that the FFXI Fan Art community is pretty scattered. We sure have a rock-solid Hentai forum at neko-sentai run by Gulkeeva. Very nicely ran. But when it comes to just normal art… like cute looking taru art… there isn’t really much place it can go. DA and.. the little tiny section on KI.

KI was fine… but it was pretty crowded and wasn’t organize, everything just crunch into one sub-section, which I bet a lot of people don’t even know it exists.

If you wanted to get some art commission for a friends’ birthday, you might just have to google, which randomly brings you to random stuff that isn’t too much help. You put in “ffxi” in DA, and you’d get 2004 art submission (which is cool), but then do they even draw for XI anymore? Half of the people on front page don’t even update their DA, then as you dig deeper, you’d start seeing tons of screenshots. 18000 submission when like 80% will start coming out as screenshots.

You might happen to find people like Daggy, then from there you might find other cool artists. Now the thing is… you really have to do your research, have to really surf around to see who’s up for work. But then some of the artist who draws pretty damn good like san-renard (I know him from Midgardsormr) doesn’t or never even post DA.

Then the most problematic thing on DA – random Troll coming to your page and bash your art. On DA, you can only hide them. Moderation is really just up to the artist and if they have no time, then it feels like their page got graffiti-ed.

FFXIV FanArt Forum Tab

The Tab where your DA is always linked!

FFXIV FanArt Forums

This is where I’m like… fuk it, lets make this straight for FFXIV. Daggy and I went out and got FFXIV FanArt forum catered for Artists. This is where we connect gamers to artists, to share and promote fan arts and artists. A place where a casual gamer can easily find the right artist to get a commission done, allows artists to practice and improve drawings as well as seek help easily.

One of the things people really want on DA is… to expose their art. Well I’ve made it easier :) Every post got a tab that takes the user to their DA page. (Or hell, even FFXIAH lol). It’s a friendly and passive way of promoting your DA!

The thing I like about it is… we aren’t replacing your DA or tell you to move. We are just promoting your DA :D I hope it works… well FFXIV don’t really have much to draw atm, so I’m going to just do FFXI fan art at the moment :D (on a FFXIV domain lol).

Promoting FFXIV FanArt Forums

Yep, to promote and to have a little fun, Daggy and I have decided to host a contest XD. You can read more about it there.

We have great gift ideas in mind :D and we’re probably making them all XD (well except the subscription and the printing), but I’d already have funky WEIRD ideas XD that is definitely going to make a laugh/giggle XD.)

I really hope that forum will be a successful one, one that will benefit artist and art appreciators (like me). No, I didn’t use those forum promotion service to generate like fake post as if its really busy. One thing you can’t generate… is art.

So yea go over and support my ideas XD http://www.ffxivfanart.com ! I’ll continuously work on both the blog and the forum… omg this is going to keep me sooo busy :x (and there’s my 2 FF14 project, the blog and the forum).

I’d also like to take this chance to thankie the FFXIAH staff in allowing me to host it on their servers XD. They will help me keep it speedy XD unlike this blog =_=; cluttered and errr.. SLOW :(

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