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Blue Mage – 1900 Death Scissors!

73 to 74 took ages…… quite a few parties! Enough Bullshitting, time for some real numbers! Of cuz one of my happiest moment in PT would be… The Party’s Parser Results can be found here. PTed with Eeto (by accident) lol. didn’t really take too much SS but here’s the setup it pulled pretti close, […]

Ding! Tazo’s Lv75Brd

On August 19, 1:40am, Tazo reached bard 75 – 2 months and 1 week into this game. YAY! The party consisted of my friends Destroyplanets, Shunzi, and Soulcalibur, and two other people that we didn’t know. Too bad Mai-Talu’s blumage was on vacation, he should’ve been there too. :!

Burnt 2 Exp Ring, but 0xp!

Long LFP Sucks got home, 12 pst, felt like FFIng so… seeking for 4 hours only to find no LFP… cuz I was goin double charge exp ring (put 1 on, seek and have a 7/7 exp ring rdy) well inbetween I got an invite.. but it turned out like this -.- o well. so […]

High Dmg @ Mamook as Blu!

Yeah, that’s right, I’m 1337 and do 1337 damage! Anyway, this is an exp awhile ago, my PT setup was like this. Been squeezing pretti�high dmg (eg this is one of the highest dmg with spinners). We moved to Bibiki Bay after due to people @ Mire. It isn’t too bad :D Exp wasn’t tat […]

Maiev and Tazo More Exping & 3ds

First thing first, damn if you’re from Fenrir, gotta start blogging, I only know Etain is the only other talu tat blogs -.- Like what people always say, you learn how to step on the gas padel before you learn how to turn, you learn how to swear before u learn how to speak the […]