High Dmg @ Mamook as Blu!

I'm 1337, Maiev's Blue Mage, Mamook 72 Exping FFXI Fenrir

Yeah, that’s right, I’m 1337 and do 1337 damage!

I'm 1337, Maiev's Death Scissors, Blue Mage FFXI Fenrir

Anyway, this is an exp awhile ago, my PT setup was like this. Been squeezing pretti�high dmg (eg this is one of the highest dmg with spinners).

We moved to Bibiki Bay after due to people @ Mire. It isn’t too bad :D Exp wasn’t tat horrid either ^)^

Maiev's Blue Mage, Death Scissors 1615, FFXI Taru Fenrir

Parser here.Its nice, still owning the parser :D

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