Maiev and Tazo More Exping & 3ds

First thing first, damn if you’re from Fenrir, gotta start blogging, I only know Etain is the only other talu tat blogs -.-

Like what people always say, you learn how to step on the gas padel before you learn how to turn, you learn how to swear before u learn how to speak the language (for me yes) xD. I’ve learn how to edit my talu into a monster before anything productive HAHA. Yar that’s my black dalmatica btw! I tried putting white in or maintain those gold chains, it looks very weird, so I left it pure black (including chains). I also got BIG TALU EYES!

Maiev Tazo, 3ds, FFXI Fenrir, Dat

At least i learn how to scale, select verticies and compile something tat works in FF lol.

Back to something FF related. I login and my friend was exping with my friend. I took over and rofl! (I’m missing 3 str too from the torque ; ;)

Parser ResultsI was dead for 2�fights, Derrek afk 1 fight, phew barely pull a #1 xD

For those that wonder why some parser was never posted. If the 6 people didn’t fight over 50 monster (around 60min party without any changes), there is a high margin of error thus I consider that parser inaccurate to show any point.

Death Scissors, 1474, Caedarva mire, FFXI Fenrir, Taru

then tata!

Maiev's Blue Mage, Ding Lv72, FFXI, Fenrir
Tazo Ding Lv73, FFXI Fenrir Taru

Shortly, went back to J and rofl, another f-kin relic! God damn ppl and their relic O.O but gratz (I can’t believe Zimph buys into Kirschy’s lie, Kirschy is so not a girl -.-) but gratz anyway

Apocalypse, Kirschy, FFXI Fenrir, Relic

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