Burnt 2 Exp Ring, but 0xp!

Long LFP Sucks

got home, 12 pst, felt like FFIng so… seeking for 4 hours only to find no LFP… cuz I was goin double charge exp ring (put 1 on, seek and have a 7/7 exp ring rdy)

Maiev's Exp Ring Expired, FFXI Taru Fenrir Squishey

well inbetween I got an invite.. but it turned out like this -.- o well.

so Finally I got a party. The setup was like this… (I was lowest in Lv) and…

Slow Exp!

I owned the�Parser Results again�(haha). I got a total of wooping 4k exp (with xp ring on) in about 70 minutes. LOL anyway, it was slow as hell without AC. Exp’s getting harder now :< so lame Anyway its like 8est soon, time to sleep :/

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