Blue Mage – 1900 Death Scissors!

73 to 74 took ages…… quite a few parties!

Enough Bullshitting, time for some real numbers!

1900 Death Scissors! Maiev Blue Mage, Fenrir Server

Of cuz one of my happiest moment in PT would be…

Maiev ding 73blu, FFXI Taru Fenrir

The Party’s Parser Results can be found here.

PTed with Eeto (by accident) lol. didn’t really take too much SS but here’s the setup

Eeto, Maiev Exping, Fenrir

it pulled pretti close, the rng was using bow and doing piercing damage, same as me ‘-‘ but still able to outparse :D parser here.

Btw, Manthras look pretty good ‘-‘ in cor af :O!

Jiag the Manthra, Maiev Mithra, Fenrir FFXI

then another 8k exp with 2 samurais ‘-‘

Level73.5 Blue Mage Parties, Mamook, FFXI Fenrir

pretti close again but hehe but i think i squeeze dmg to the best of my ability. Parser here.

Ding 74!! in this pt ‘-‘

yar shit took ages. i had another blu in my pt. thank god its thf sub (nin subs are for nubs), anyway. my pt setup was as follow

FFXI Party Setup, Blue 73 FFXI Fenrir

during this pt, hehe a few things happened :O! first is

Maiev's Parrying Skill, Blue Mage Skillup FFXI Fenrir


Ding 74, Fenrir FFXI Blue Mage 74

oh yar also, i had a really good whm in my PT, thought I’d introduce her to everyone ^^; she was really fast with silena, good usage of divine seal and best of all, keeps everyone happy while also being the solo healer ^^

Moonkea, Maiev, WHM Fenrir, FFXI Fenrir

The parser was here. but ya once again, play it right :D u’d own on a parser ^^;

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