Fools Revealed & Lots More…

the StarOnion, Maiev, April Fools, 2009

Happie April Fools (Check SS’s chat log LOL! Female Hunter)!

Hello April Fools

Well.. I’d like to say I’m sorry if I went overboard! It’s definitely one that is hard to see if it’s real or not. Knowing everyone who reads this blog knows a little or something about me…. I had to make this one much more challenging than the previous other two fools, with better materials. I hope you guys won’t mind the joke! Afterall its April Fools :D

/clap to Jililana and Classicred who saw through it :D (and was able to pick out what’s wrong). Istari kinda did too.. well duh cuz he was like “I never threw all that shit out lol” Others… I don’t know =)

Well the true fact is, it’s a mixture of truth and fools. That’s why it’s hard to tell. Knowing how everyone did massive research last year to reverse-engineer Mai joke… I had to put some real stuff in there this year.

Here are the TRUE facts :)

  • Tazo and I didn’t quit, we are just WAY TOO BUSY to even see each other IRL, let alone playing the game.
  • Part of the personal story is true, the throwing equipment is completely fake. Font is not consistent and the best part of it was… Istari never owned a Dalmatica :D! (You got to be on Fenrir to know this one). That is Niphrendil’s throw list before she quit.
  • Server transfer on Maiev/Fenrir was fake. Roranora/Fenrir was transferred to Maiev/Midgard :) That’s why I have a AF2 BLM Hat, I even said “nuker” to give it away :D
  • WoW is True, but honestly, no time to even play that.. that was like the 1 SS that I had LOL
  • The Name Changing situation was really true, it was a problem before I transferred Roranora there. However, it was solved the way it was explained.

If you really BUY into this story :( I’m sorry, maybe I need to be a friendlier person. I won’t and never will toss DuckHUNT :D, I’d never just leave Mai friends without a Goodbye (LOL Vryali’s AIM, traitor Classicred told me ur rsepond :D). I do know people read it… but was probably very afraid to respond, not knowing if they are really being fooled or not :D

I fell for THIS April Fool

Sapphiron, Naxxramas Heroic, Fools

April Fools from WoW Raid LOL!

I had my fool just like everyone did too! So tonight, we were killing the 2nd last boss for Naxxramas 25man Heroic. Sapphiron the boss, got this move call “Arctic Blast” or something similar, where it is kinda like “Spike Flail” for the whole room. See the circle in yellow? Those are “Ice Block”. You are given roughly 3sec to hide behind those, then he swipes. Those ice block are the ONLY way to evade his Spike Flail/Arctic Blast. Not too bad if you are at least somewhat paying attention and not watching Youtube.

Well, a mage decided to play APRIL FOOL with his OWN ICE BLOCK which looks EXACTLY the same as the one casted by Sapphiron. So just when the boss is about to create ice block, he put up his “fake” non-boss ice block. Being the first ice block people see, everyone start naturally running for it and behind it. Well, because its not the one from the boss, it protects the mage but not anyone behind it well guess what, everyone who was behind the FAKE ice block (which was around 12), got spike flail and died. He said APRIL FOOLS LOL (Still see it on chat, as green)

He got removed from the Raid but man, that is fukin epic LOL. Well thanks to him, equipment are more broken than ever (as pointed out by the fail red circles). 70g to repair? I’m going to wait for Guild Repair :D I know… not topping the DPS meter anymore =_=; and I’m also not eating Flask.. freaking fail :D Anyway so that was MY April Fool hahaha!

the StarOnion

2boxing Maiev and Roranora!

Maiev on Midgardsormr

I’ve transferred my SECONDARY character, Alt to Midgardsormr. It is not Mai first visit. Midgard always felt like my second home for me. Why Midgard? Mostly because of wonderful people on that server. It’s a really humble and quiet server. I knew most of those people on Midgard via DeviantArt.

The original player was Roranora, he is okay with me changing servers with his character, and is happy I’m making good use of it. I’m taking good care of the Taru too :D On the right is just me 2boxing him capping all his merits ^^;

Maiev on Fenrir is still fully functional. I still have all my equipment and the equipment you see on Midgard is my second set. I still have my SAM and BLU stuff, can still play. I just do not have the time to play, nor have the motivation to play just yet.

Midgard also have a very deflated economy. If you constantly monitor the stats on FFXIAH, Midgard got the cheapest prices and Fenrir is like completely opposite… the most expensive… if not top. Bringing gil to Midgard is like bringing money to China, you can just buy so much more goods with the same amount of money.

the StarOnion, Maiev, Priestess of Pie, Lyndsay Turner

Souleater by priestessofpie (Friend’s doing Relic Scythe)

The transfer also served another purpose. A friend (very close), needed a loan for relic completion. So while I was transferring that, I was also doing a favor and lending out a lot of gil to complete his relic. However, the relic story will come when the user finishes their relic. To me, that’s a lot of satisfaction, seeing a friend who wanted relic for so long… got one. No, I don’t have any collateral, I just cross finger and hope that those gil will come back. Sitting on so much gil gives me no utility anyway.. I might as well lend them out!

I did consider going to Shiva and have fun with Veve, or Siren with Kimiko, Ragnarok with Jowah (which I don’t know what she’s doing ‘.’) But the upmost importance is just having fun with friends so… taken everything into consideration, I’ve came back to Midgard again, which I did not regret. I’m currently in Analomy LS. Well I still have a TON of other accounts to do World Tour :D no worries, I might park someone else on your server XD.

I’ve done like… 2 events so far? Over the past 3 weeks. I know that players like me… makes running a linkshell very difficult, due to the lack of consistency… but if that’s all I have time for. Best part! Everyone is VERY COOL with my lack of no show! I will but.. just not the right time!

And finally, at this stage of my FFXI career… the only thing that keeps me playing is… friends/LS or something fun gameplay wise. I’m over with the greed aspect of it. Gives me no utility for getting new/pimp gear. The game is so watered down since 2003 that the sense of adventure is completely gone. Everything is discovered/revealed that.. MMO suddenly lost it’s meaning. If it’s not adventure, then it’s just a Massively Multiplayer Chat Room. Anyway…

Sacrifice, White Mage

White Mage’s New Spell Sacrifice!

The Job Updates

I thought the WHM update was pretty damn good. Not only they went SO DETAIL with spells, but its actually good spells. Sacrifice is IMO a pretty good move, just like Flash… it actually takes skill to use it good.

Their detail and thoughts that goes into lowering recast time for a few spell was also mind blowing. They usually don’t go that far with describing changes. So I was like wow… even Etain got pretty blown away.

If you miss the update on POL, here it is.

RDM… I don’t know. Looks pretty half ass but then nothing’s finalized so won’t jump to the conclusion just yet. Maybe the first hit of Tier 2 Enspell will crit 600 HAHA!

Enblizzard II, Red Mage

Red Mage’s Enblizzard II. LFPing?

If you also miss the RDM update, you can find it here. I just hope I won’t have to LFP like that RDM in that SS, if I do play again :D

Perhaps Something on Spell Crit?

Was chatting with Scragg today and we’re both wondering. Why can’t spell crit in FFXI? We can Crit weapon skill, crit a weapon hit, Crit-fail a crafting synth (HQ or break)… so wtf happened to the Spell portion?

Well we do have… which provides Spell Crit at a rate of 2%. 1% Crit = 5MAB (got that number from bg)… but why not actually put that in as a normal stat. It’d actually make e-peen more fun. Crit-healing someone, Crit-spell… but yea that kinda failed. The mage portion is beyond boring in this game. The only fun I got out as a mage is soloing stuff.. /sadface

The Mog Bonanza

the StarOnion, Maiev, Mog Bonanza

Mog Bonanza ZOMG!!

Last Year’s Stats Breakdown can be found here.

So what’s hot/changes this year? Well… for one thing they are using proceeds from the lottery as prizes. This ensures no inflation what so ever if that server does have someone winning the grand prizes. The only thing that’s going to be inflated would be … items generated. NOW, if no one wins 1st price well… you’d experience a deflation with that amount of money pulled out of the living economy.

Also something else to take note… its 2000gil per ticket, doubling the price from 1000gil last year. With Behe hide the same place… this means… it’s going to cost you 200,000 to win a Behe Hide. It’s selling 500k to 550k across a lot of servers so… sure if you have your mules around already… then it’d be okay. I hope you do :3

They took out those +1 Cursed Body. They probably saw it from stats that no one picked that LOL.

A Shantotto Ascensions

A Shantotto Ascension! (Huge Pic!)

Another thought that came to mind was why they raise the price. Um… fewer people playing?! I don’t know ‘.’

But I’m not sure about the raise in price is a good idea. If less people play or buy less tickets, then the proceeds isn’t going to be as big…

If you want the official detail of Bonanza, you can go here.

The Mini-Expansion

The trailer tells me nothing. No cool stuff ‘.’ adjustable armor um… ok! But Wings of the Goddess still left a bad taste in my mouth… it just wasn’t the expansion for my playstyle. It seems like it’s going to NPC get quest, kill mobs (campaign), go back to get Exp. Sounds like WoW to me, but with same terrain, killing same mobs… just me though.

Kupo’s Etat (sounds like Eat That) and Shantotto Empire looks like a decent Mini-Pack that I might go try… hay, even my WoW Guildies wanna try Etat and the Shanottto one :D Oh yea ‘.’ on Gurubashi, we sometimes have people in the FFXI channel :D chatting when we’re goin return LOL. There’s quite a fan base here :D

Security Token for 9.99!

Although SE is a little late, they finally announced the release date of their belated security token. Okay, well 9.99 isn’t expensive, in fact SUPER cheap. Okay yea the Blizzard one is like errr…. 6.50 but that doesn’t include shipping of err… +12 bucks? (Fedex, arrived in 2 days) so SE is actually pretty reasonable, to say it includes tax AND shipping. So another step I guess.. that SE took that I like… lets see if they ship it to Beaucedine Glacier (Canada).

Blizzard's Mobile Authenticator, iPhone

Blizzard’s Mobile Authenticator for iPhone!

AND you get 10 more slots! That’s certainly not bad… makes me think SE isn’t profit-minded, but then they might be :O

WoW’s New Authenticator: Well on the right is the little application that can be loaded to any apple products (iTouch, iPhone) that generates the authenticator key for account login. The same thing that you’re buying above. Regardless, I still like a hardware version, seems like it’s 2 separate thing and that no way on Earth it could be hacked etc. Of course, both methods are both safe.

You can find that little app on the Apple App Store for free :)

I thought that’s pretty cool idea :D The hassle/pain that one has to go through to obtain both Login, ID and the damn reverse-engineered algorithm of your authenticator is beyond troublesome… just for a few hundred dollars? Well maybe it would be worthwhile if my name is Minidragon but others.. probably not.

In Paypal, you can either use the Authenticator or… subscribe to SMS authentication login. But SMS method is kinda crappy because err… the SMS gets delayed and it expires… just from my experience. That maybe also because I live in Beaucedine Glacier (Canada eh?)

World of Warcraft Update

For those that didn’t know, Takalo (Fenrir) came back for 1 month, got bored and now started WoWing with me as Jilted (Mage). On the right is just some of the WoW’s version of “Level Sync”. It’s call… “Grant a Level” LOL

Jilted and Cherukiki, WoW

Maitaco leveling in WoW, both Frost!

For every 2 levels Jilted/Takalo levels, he can grant the Invitee (me) one full level on any character, to the maximum of Lv60. I had a Lv49 Mage that I hated playing, and could never just get myself to level it. Perfect thing! He just Granted me all the way up to 60.9 XD 1 Quest and I’m Lv61 XD

I think the WoW’s version is a lot more than than the FFXI version. For a lot of us that’s been playing for awhile. I don’t like grinding from the ground up. But at the same time I do wanna try something different.

So this whole Grant a Level gives me a totally new insight of the game. It gives me an opportunity to actually take a shortcut in leveling a toon without actually having to Grind all Lv80. I’ll explain Grant a Level next time, better! (Well, with a Video hopefully ^^) I got myself the [item]42985[/item] :D Exp pouring in :)

So Takalo and I have been questing on a regular basis when I’m free.. it’s been much more enjoyable. 2 Mage AoEing quest mobs is definitely more fun than doing the same Colibri camp, then advance to Fire Crawlers, then back for more Colibri :3 same button spam to get Lv75.

We both want to play Arena the fun way, blasting people’s healers out in burst DPS, so we’ll see ;D 2 Undead Mage is going to be annoying as we have 2 Trinkets to break out people’s disable spell :D.

Well, you’ve heard enough FFXI players talking about WoW, how about the other way around? My guild actually got I’d say.. 15% people who just recently swap to WoW. We have a channel on our server to talk FFXI :D. They are actually casual people that might come back with the next mini patch :) Hopefully Ulduar won’t be out… else :D

Our tank plays a Ninja in FFXI (Leviathan). He’s now tanking for us as Jusu, and we are just making lame jokes how he got to put up Utsu before going in as you can see from the chat log.

About Midgardsormr:

Recheche, Midgardsormr

Recheche, aka the nicest Taru on Midgardsormr!

If I were to describe Midgardsormr, I’d say it’s a Quiet Humble server :) It’s definitely not as packed as Odin (Yes ‘.’ I have a mule there XD, only Lv1 though at Jeuno), and not as competitive as Fenrir. Its quieter than Titan (a mule there too ‘.’). People there are rather… I must say, feels more mature. The shouts aren’t filled with garbage or junk as much… and people are pretty polite.

Their Bazaaring location is outside Rolanberry… takes awhile to get used to for sure. Although not much is outside really. BTW, currency prices here aren’t cheap here =P Go away!

Midgardsormr’s also got really low population. Prime times, at least 200 less than Fenrir. Jelly camp for BLM is… always open for nuking (lol). I haven’t exp with Colibri, nor I think I ever will :D maybe I’ll go drop by someday.

Last but not least, this server got a ton of DeviantArt people here. Maybe since there isn’t much going on server-wide, people spend time drawing and submitting to DA instead (which is nice :D). Because… I know for a fact that Recheche, Sorasha, San-Renard are there, and they are all kick-ass artist. Although Recheche and San-Renard spend a lot more time playing FFXI than drawing =) I think they are lazy if you ask me :D. There is like a DA linkshell too ‘.’ artist party :3 So far I haven’t had any negative experience. It’s also nice to just be a member once again, where people tell you what to do… than doing the research / leading. =)

You can treat Midgardsormr as Mai vacation, or a permanent stay. But the only thing that matters is… Maiev still on Fenrir :) I didn’t move away. I simply transfer my friends’ account over to another server and just play on it :) if you want to take it this way ^^; But there’s no way that will be my main character. I still have numerous things I want to do with Duck/Fenrir! Until my life’s a little bit more free :D So stay tuned xD

I will and do plan to spend a post on Roranora :) as he’s one of the Taru that I respect a lot :) I’d consider him the Avesta of BLM :) If you miss him a lot and wants to say hi, Roranora is still around on BG, posting on General forums :) You can look at his really old posts, and you’d see he’s pretty much one of those people that push achievements and discoveries in FFXI.

Heart Atk Grill – Your Meal for all your gaming energy needs!

Cooling Off Time!

I hope I didn’t make anyone heart attack! But if you still want one, the video on the right is the “Heart Attack Grill”, will for sure make you heart attack. I think if I eat one of that on the right, I got all the energy I need to video game for 2 days straight LOL.. maybe even 3 :D

PS: Kaeko got a pretty brutal April Fools joke too. But I read his shortly after I completed mines, so I had a feel it was the same thing :D However, I thought he’d be looking for new challenges like playing PvP Mage in WoW with his skills, but guess he wants to just stick to FFXI.

Well enjoy and good night. 3050 words, you’d all probably browse pictures anyway ;D lawl

6 Responses to “Fools Revealed & Lots More…”

  1. Calaera says:

    :X This year’s April Fool’s joke seemed similar to last years so I just kinda waited to see how many would fall for it. I think the ONLY person that had me wondering if it was a joke or not was Kaeko (ok, and maybe JPbutton). Goodness. I had to actually sleep on it before he spelled it out that it was serious. >_<;

    And why not visit Ragnarok!?! D:

  2. Shayx says:

    Never again will I believe a word you say on April 1st after last years joke… but I didn’t say anything so you could try to fool others :) Also, the security token for ffxi gives you up to an additional 80 inventory :D

  3. Maiev says:

    haha Calaera :) sorry to disappoint :) ALTHOUGH i had a pretty bad one too, wasn’t authorized xD and it has something to do with the AH. maybe we’ll see it next year, as it is something that would cause a panic xD! had to come up with something quick so it wasn’t that quality.

    However, for me knowing Odin and Bahamut’s closed down, him coming back was imo a little slim, if it is, it’s also on another server… which I dunno if that really goin happen, so I thought he would go WoW, so him writing a comeback was already making me wonder.. good joke =)

  4. Kaeko says:

    I know like 4-5 TK members that play WoW right now. I’ve played it at a RL friend’s house a couple times but found it too easy. The devs are also too nice to their players =P I do LOVE their interface though (and the fact you can jump). I’m hoping Aiker’s Windower v4 will make up most of the differences though.

    Generally, the biggest issue I had with possibly attempting WoW was the idea of learning a new game. Though the game is ‘easier’ and faster than FFXI, the time it would take to master it would be much more intense than simply restarting FFXI. Also PVP is the ultimate investment if you want to be the best. In FFXI you ‘compete’ against code – PVP WoW you compete against real people, which is infinitely harder (and hence would require more playtime). I love your WoW updates though!

    As far as FFXI, it’s a very different game if you just switch jobs. I basically played 5 years on the same job (SCH plays almost exactly like BLM too), so switching is a nice way to keep the nostalgia of replaying things you haven’t don e in 5 years, but also add a new feeling to it.

  5. Maiev says:

    I do feel you in regards to learning a new game. Everything in WoW is quicker. MOUSE is a big one O.o

    At first, I was so paranoid to the fact that I had to play with a mouse. I tried very hard to clone all movements using just the keyboard – like FFXI. It didn’t work out too well and eventually I just suck it up and learn the WoW way.

    You are right, the best thing in WoW is PvP, and not competing against codes or monster which is very predictable (lol if hp<80% action=giga flare for example). PvP's are completely different gameplay for sure. The dropping and rising of your Arena rank was very satisfying

    But like any other games, what's important is you enjoy it :) Even if it means rewriting the 5 years worth of story that SE teared up.

    I'll keep up with the FFXI-WoW updates and glad someone out there who enjoys it :) I enjoy writing those too, and a way for people to experience World of Warcraft, without playing it but in a language that they would understand (by relating to FFXI). Because... I wish I knew what it was like before I start WoWing :)

    PS: I think you'd be amazing in PvP, just from your personality and how you approach video games =) Too bad the one in FFXI is a joke :x

  6. Kimiko says:

    Honestly, I should come visit Fenrir one of these days when I don’t have anything to do & play with some duckies. =D


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