Aquarius & Baby Samurai?

Aquarius on Samurai, FFXI Maiev Taru on Fenrir, Parry Skillup

Aquarius for Parrying SKILLUPZ?!


I’ve been slacking for awhile, temptations from other stuff has been keeping me from updating. One of the main reasons I don’t like updating or doing stuff on my desktop was my shitty LCD. The color accuracy displayed is so bad that I don’t wanna do stuff on it. So to rely less on my laptop and more on my desktop (yea laptop still not fixed), I ordered a new LCD. Arriving next Wednesday! Hopefully this would allow me to <3 my desktop computer more. Well, onto some FFXI updates!

Aquarius on Samurai!

I asked the ducks how long I’d last before I die :) Most of them don’t have confident that I’d even last pass 90% of Aquarius HP, well the fact is… I lasted way beyond 90% hehe.

I’ve killed enough Aquarius on RDM (50+?), its time to visit this bitch again with something else!

Samurai is generally viewed as a DD class, which has bad evasion, takes extra damage but that’s not the case at all :)

So yea, I engaged this monster with my NPC and Ciermel (which is 2boxed) by myself. No parry skillupz though.

So how far do you think I got to? :D

Not too far actually :D

Ciermel and Maiev, Aquarius Duo as Samurai and WHM, Maiev of Fenrir FFXI
Ciermel giving Maiev a Raise, Aquarius Duo, FFXI of Fenrir

Poor taru :( Pic on the left was Ciermel escaping and :( I didn’t do it in time so I died on the way warping out :x So yea, Aquarius was at 45% and I think part of the success of taking it to this low was.. evasion merit and parrying skills. I did parry a truckload of attacks because I mean… Seigan & 3rd Eye can only do so much before it wears off. I can imagine this thing gets rocked out when I come back with capped parrying :)

NPC Cupapa skilling up Parrying with Maiev and Ciermel, Maiev of Fenrir

Anyhow, I wasn’t really there @ Boyahda Tree to fight Aquarius, was a NPC level up / parry skillup sessions. I go there when Exp ring is up and kill robber crab for both exp and parrying skillupz. Yes -.- Ciermel named her NPC as Cupapa too, so lots of twins here rofl :D

Some Progression …

Need to maxed out elemental magic for Ciermel! So off I go killing Aerns :) You know, I’m pretty nice to Ciermel consider she’s only my assistant ^_^ 7th merit!

Ciermel's 7th Merit, Maiev FFXI Duo for Parrying Skillup

But most of my progression these days has to do with Parrying Skillupz. Its tough as shit because I had to do this all manually, unlike Ninjas who can go Exp their parry up :(

Maiev's parrying skillup strategies and guide, Taru Samurai, FFXI of Fenrir
Maiev's parrying skillup strategies and guide, Taru Samurai, FFXI of Fenrir
Maiev's parrying skillup strategies and guide, Taru Samurai, FFXI of Fenrir

Parrying f-kin rocks, and you should go level it too ^_^

Flying Ducks

Going back to sky for a bit, since some lolWar needs some Haidate! As usual, China owns sky. Not only we have to camp Despot stones to pop Byakko, we have to pop the freaking ??? that POPS Byakko.

Sky, TuLia, DuckHUNT of Fenrir with Maiev

Damn right, 3 LSes camping ??? to freaking pop Byakko. lolSE

Regardless, we got a few Haidates to drop :) and one of them went to me :) Thankss :) Now I can go rock out Glimpse’s parser even more hehe

Maiev's Taru Samurai with Haidate of Fenrir

And Impulse Drive is cool!

Impulse Drive on Maiev's Taru Samurai of FenrirImpulse Drive on Maiev's Taru Samurai of Fenrir

Anyhow :o going to wrap this up so I can go McD!

Did You Know?

  • That the font I’m using for all the screenshot can be obtained via Brandson’s Livejournal?
  • That some of the “custom” hair style and all other cool mods (RDM Moogle) can be downloaded via
  • That there’s a parser that updates in real time (FFXIP isn’t real time)? Yes, whenever you miss a weapon skill or someone does a very good weapon skill, the total damage % fluctuates! This keeps you really competitive since you know instantly when you’re doing bad! Find it here.

And no interesting links this time (didn’t find any that’s worth your time)! Just got a lolVideo from BBC about gil buyers! (Yea I also know there’s plenty of drama these days about RMT accounst, lol)

4 Responses to “Aquarius & Baby Samurai?”

  1. raidenn says:

    How do you skillup your parry skills? I need to do that too.

  2. No matter the server… “Ciermel”s rock XD
    dammit I fail at mathematics, you should ask easier questions to your posters hehe… I had to actually think about the recast of Chainspell in minutes °_°;;

  3. Jowah says:

    I got vrs cracked! Will need to start soon on that thing! But the bad thing is that I totally forgot most of the app’s functions ; ;

  4. Aramina says:

    I got crazy and attempted to solo Sea Horror last night on WHM/BLM 75 (I was actually pirate hunting at the time).

    I took it down to about 45% before Hundred Fists got the best of me. I think if I’d been /RDM I could have taken it by Grav-Kiting to get past the 2-hr. I was using the Bind and run, recast buffs, etc. strategy fine, but when I used Bind after it used Hundred Fists, it said it stuck, but it was still coming after me. Damn you SE!!!


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