Curse you back!! Halifirien!

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So I was going though my daily routine, E-mails, forums, blogs and I saw a title of a blog post…

Travel's around Vana'diel, Boring FFXI Blog

I’m like man… wut’d I do this time :'(, reading a bit more, its about a Chocobo call “StarOnion” pwning in Chocobo racing lol… You can read the lolOnion post here!

Maiermel’s Adventuring

For those that didn’t know, Ciermel probably won’t be coming back for awhile. :( She offered me her account but I’m like ><, Cier is the result of your own hard work. So instead I’ve decided to just take care of Ciermel over what a lot of people do, strip naked.

So this blog’s going to be about Maiev and Ciermel’s adventure “I guess” :o. You probably know what my last video entry is all about now. So what have I been doing with Ciermel um…

Missions! Ding Rank 10 :) No more newbie WHM :D, not my Rank 10, Ciermel’s Rank 10 xD

Woot 100k! (now that goes in MY pocket! rofl ^^), she gets the flag! xD. So anyway… I bought a Sorcerer’s ring for Ciermel, remacro them so I can rock out @ Sea!

Duo Aern in Sea with Ciermel, Palace of Hu Xzoi, RDM Maiev and BLM Ciermel, FFXI of Fenrir

Merits left and right! Getting pretty good with 2boxing too :) and ding! Finish Ciermel’s Ice/Thunder potency, already started working on her Elemental skills, 5/8 upgardes already xD!

Aern is kinda easy to duo as rdm + blm.

  1. Cier’s Burst II + Mai’s Thunder III
  2. Aern is at 48%, Sleep 1
  3. Cier’s Freeze II + Mai’s Blizzard III
  4. Dead Aern (if not dead, Drain can kill it if its < 5%)
Chain 4, 567 exp with Ciermel and Maiev in Hu Xzoi Duoing Aerns

The new Signet bonus is very amazing. I did a little test. Disband and kill, 240 solo (no chain), in party is only 212 for both. So pretty much if you have a small group and wants to exp, you’re better off killing stuff @ Signet zones.

Anyhow, I know I love Ciermel, but what about others?

Ciermel was defeated by Abominus, MPK in FFXI of Fenrir

Obviously not… heheh oh btw :3 Ciermel’s got a pretty mog hosue! Do you have a pretty one too? Leave a link to my comment! :)

Ciermel's Amazingly Nice Mog House, FFXI of Fenrir

Helping Sohmui & Tazo!

Girls man… if they aren’t girls, I wouldn’t help *grin*!! So first off, Sohmui wanted to attend LS event for so long, so I’m like, fug it lets get sky this weekend. Tata done!

SohMui's Sky Mission, Taru Ninja, Maiev FFXI of FenrirSohMui's Sky Mission, Taru Ninja, Maiev FFXI of Fenrir

So she can help with Sky Farming Despot and get blown up by robots xD!! (See how I’m on blm (can stun), but decided not to? hehehhe). For DeadTaru Pics!!!

After Sohmui comes Tazo ._. Either rapes my wallet or need help with stuff! I would have gotten a few more Kclubs if girls didn’t exist xD!! (I hope Tazo don’t read this xD) So AF help. This NM for WHM body is a bitch yo.. took like an hour to kill even with bard singing MP songs and Convert 5/5. This thing is like a truck… tons of HP.

WHM NM for Tazo, Maiev FFXI of Fenrir

At least its dead… after a fboring DoT to death. I can’t stand DoT-5hr fights. So I really admire Avesta doing those stuff… no toilet for 5 hours and just DoT blink. So anyway, at least u know what.. doing this NM means I no longer have to do these things…

Tazo's Dead at Sea, FFXI of FenrirWHM NM for Tazo, Maiev FFXI of Fenrir

Yay self Reraise all day! Its nice Tazo’s leveling WHM, so I can have more personal Taxi & Raises for situations like these…

Yvora Organs, FFXI AlTaieu of Fenrir, Maiev RDM Soloing

Ok done writing, time to go back to procrastinating! Exam in 16 hours!

Did You Know?

That if you want a cheap port to Caedarva Mire (Imps camp to Exp what so ever), you can just get a tag from Assault for Ilrusi’s Atoll (any mission), take the port, and just tell a BLM to Escape? =P

Nyzul Isle’s escape takes you to thickets so that won’t help though ^^; (Unless you’re going to Colibri Camp for 6x camp.

& this is how I 2box :) 2 windows and Alt-Tab!

Crafting in FFXI!…. is about being poor! Get used to it!

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  1. raidenn says:

    Oh wow I cant stand those long winded fights….
    Cier sure has a nice moghouse. How does she store all her gear ?

  2. Dalx says:

    ; ; I wish I could move server. If I could I would app. on your linkshell

  3. Maiev says:

    Reply to raidenn:
    haha cier has 5 mules :3 to store gear.. her actual mog hosue .. literally 40 spaces were taken by mog house futnatures hahahah

    Reply to Dalx:


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