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Removed 5 Merits, Duckie Love and Other Adventure!

Removed 5 Merits, Duckie Love and Other Adventure!

I apologize for the length of previous post :< I was goin split into another post but I was lazy :x and shove it in >

Maiev’s RDM Solo-ed Fenrir Prime (Lv75)

Note: Added this after, but this is way before Tier2 merits, as well as no access to composure. So tactics described below are rather outdated! Adjust as needed Maiev soloing Fenrir Prime as Red Mage Lv75 / Absolute Virtue! The Moonlit Path, Fenrir Prime. This BC is the 30 minutes BC where defeating Fenrir Prime […]

Maiev Soloed Fenrir & Kraken Club Fun!

MaiTalu soloed Fenrir! That record is held by 6 other adventures, including Maiev! Damn right, soloed that bitch! Well vids comin, just haven’t had the time due to exam. Well since when you beat the BC, you cannot re-enter right away, so I had Ciermel to go SS for me! Comedy Gold Screenshot! XD! Here’s […]

Why do I rdm/pld in meritpo!

This entry is YouTube heavy :x so you RSS reader gotta click into my blog this time :) Some fun with Fafnir Limbo Yep :) bored, Trio Limbo Fafnir with Istari, Weeber and I. Bard is so not useless in that fight because we killed it with a truckload of mp remaining. Anyway, a vid […]

{Who?} Tsunade?!

Before we begin! Windower 3.24 out! Go get it @ the Official Website. What WHM do when they are bored… / 300 Chain Guide See most people cure themselves when they want skillups :) I guess when Tsunade’s board, he goes to cure mobs :O! Nevertheless, he capped his healing skills! *What about Summoning skills, […]