Why do I rdm/pld in meritpo!

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Some fun with Fafnir Limbo

Yep :) bored, Trio Limbo Fafnir with Istari, Weeber and I. Bard is so not useless in that fight because we killed it with a truckload of mp remaining. Anyway, a vid below :) Its easily done :)

Btw, hostel is the thingie in whitegate where you book a room and have meetings, you actually get a lot of temporarily food :O (like 50 temporary food I think) so I mean when ur bored, go book a room and hell even listen to music is cool :O You can choose which music you wanna hear inside Hostel :) Some cute hostel pics!

Weeber, Grimace, Istari and Maiev in midget form, Taru FFXI of Fenrir Server

Rdm/pld in Meritpo, Thinking of doing a tank setup. (Boring RDM talks! Be warned)

Its another experiment I did between Tsunade and I. In my last meritpo, I went on rdm/pld O.o although I loose a bit in MP, but that could easily be compensated with auto refresh. The advantage of having pld sub is….


Okay, face it, a mob dies in 25 seconds.. if you can disable their attack for 5 seconds on each mob, that’s going to have a lot of mp savings in cure. Slow won’t be worth it for short fight 20% slow (example). 25 seconds fight, if you cast slow when the mob comes, that leaves roughly 20 seconds for the slow effect, slow for 20% (roughly), 4 seconds in saving, roughly 1 attack saved (delay 2.4sec/hit, on average). Paralyze is too random, I won’t even discuss it.

Flash, is instant! 25seconds fight, flash kicks in right away, duration 5 seconds (on average), that’s roughly 2 attacks saved! So I’d say they are equally good :O but unless you are some experienced meritpo, I won’t suggest you go rdm/pld into parties, I got away with it since I had a big MP pool regardless, but others might say “wtfrdm”, just be warned.

Me/Tsunade was suppose to test this out, both have haste on, and we take turn flashing :x, apparently I maxed out merit points before we had a chance to party :(

This is just a thought, but I’ve always kind of enjoy tanking on rdm/war, but everything I think about it, I think of my -4 Enmity merits. Pretty much with current setup, as soon as the tank gets 1 provoke in, I never get hate. I have -29 Enmity (3 boot 4 waist 5 back 3 ring 9 earring 1 bomb 4 merit). My defense gear under rdm/war with tacos can reach 800 easily. I remember tanking Fafnir and has definitely increase my knowledge in rdm tanking.

Maiev sleeping Tyrannotaur in Uleguerand Range, FFXI RDM of Fenrir Server

The question is, should I remove my merits :o, I could make myself 2 Hades +1 earring for 4 more enmity, but equipping 2 earring just to “offset” -enmity kinda blows. Its easier to get -enmity gear than to get +enmity gear I suppose :O, I could do +4 enmity and wear a Novia, I still gain -3 enmity but again, kind of blows :(. I do have 190 parrying skill, so that will be another advantage, rdm max at 200. With the shield update, I could even swap in shield for recast of Stoneskin, and then re-equip Earth Staff :O! Oh well, I’ll do something after exam.

Speaking of rdm :O Never saw a 8xx Bliz3 b4 :x well its double ice, but damn 8xx is kinda insane :x

Istari’s comment while browsing my blog

looking at your pictures of your taru model in hoodless verm, you’re cute :/, i like your taru head model now, i used to be in love with rakueru’s model only (blonde pigtails)

yea i like ur taru, you’re cute! looking at pics in ur wedding dress now, before i used to think ur taru model was like, the girl who is too rich and too good for you, the biatch, but after looking closely at the wedding pictures ur smiling, and i wanna smooch maiev.

lol to Istari :O, an attempt to sweet talk me! (but failed!!!)

Oh yea, he is going for Relic horn…. he needs to farm 300k/day and damn that’s got to be pretty hard imo :O I told him, HQ opaline dress [istari], I’ll help out, but he wants to preserve his gay image vs Weeber so :O he refuses! (or say he’ll do it after relic

A walk to the pit!

Good old times, camping 24/7 for this nicca for Ridills. Anyway, I went to the pit to erm… to be a loot whore :) Zimph will know what I’m talking about XD. Actually, I was showering one day, while I was scrubbing my feet, i suddenly feel like completing the Zenith set by getting A.Feet for the 50mp XD, so I went there to buy Abjurations :x Yar :/ purchasing abjurations T.T… apparently I pop in just when Nidhogg pop… the pit had like 90 ppl too XD

Zimph, Humblejoe, Sinstarr in Dragon's Aery, FFXI Taru of RDM Server, Kupo LS

Met some old friends, met my friend Nidhogg too, and ya, sad to see Zimph’s gear all signed but not the Blue square one. Blue Square > White Square biatch T.T!

College Saga – Episode 1&2

I had to put this outside of “interesting stuff from me”, because… once again its too good! lol! FFXI related! You’ll see XD. Oh yea, it was Scragg who send me this XD

College Saga Episode 1

College Saga Episode 2

Btw: this is the dude that made this.

Oh alsooo, if you are lazy to read POL.com, well someone in FFXI decided to make a video about FFXI updates… and this dude is pretty lol :)

Recent queries to my Blog

Yes, its actually something funny to share now… because I get the most LOL queries that leads to my blog, its very interesting to see what people search on internet about ffxi… rofl. Some of the ones I find funny includes

Snowing outside my apartment

VV nice :O thought I’d share some piccies!

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8 Responses to “Why do I rdm/pld in meritpo!”

  1. Jayashaya says:

    ME > YOU.

  2. jtaru says:

    enmity decreasing merits are so placebo anyway

    by end game, enmity is such a non-issue because of all the useful gear you can get as any job that increases/decreases enmity.


    Mahatma Slops used for uber potent slow/paralyze/etc (on things that do not resist much) but also has enmity-4. That’s one piece of gear you use daily with enmity-4.

    I wouldn’t merit any enmity at all, unless I was a main tank.

    oh and… 1010 thunder3 on fafnir :x

    also… wow those videos… just so awesome lololololol

  3. Maiev says:

    i’ve seen 1000, perfect mp ugg pendent republic circlet that kind of extreme and pray it lands…

    but was that 1010 done by a rdm?

    ok jay :) u win XD

    yo jay taru, the poster above you, is also call jay in real life, also plays a taru :) technically, he’s also “jay” taru :) just like jtaru XD

  4. jtaru says:

    lol yeah he’s a taru :P
    i have a screenshot of him doing a 1044 thunder3 but i am too lazy to crop it and stuff :(

  5. Jowah says:

    Lol i saw the first mins of that vid and dang i can’t stop laughing XD
    I will see both of them once I come back home :D

    Mai I’m going to be RDM next u.u
    Starting @whm60 (2k to 56)

  6. chikalew says:

    Hi ;)
    oh… what demented comments!
    what do you consider about it?

  7. Airenn says:

    First that website is the home of my limbus group. Had nothing else to plug, so I chose that. Anyone on Ifrit, hit me up! Let’s limbus! :p

    Second, I just rebuilt my system and wasn’t too impressed with it until you mentioned the bechmarking tests. It’s supposed to be a nice system, but not over-the-top. Well, with an unoverclocked system and running a few minimal programs…

    I benched @ 7179. ^^; It made me proud. As a career RDM, I like reading your tales and I hope to learn and nearly perfect all aspects of the job. :) Thanks, and take care. (I have no other hardcore computer friends to share this with, I’m sorry if I seem like I am gloating, I’m excited.^^;;)

  8. Maiev says:

    :) I’m glad you like what I’ve been through xD! The game is fun itself, but most of the interesting stuff are added via your own experience and creativity :D Maybe setting yourself a nice goal and reaching it would also be something nice too :)


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