Maiev’s RDM Solo-ed Fenrir Prime (Lv75)

Note: Added this after, but this is way before Tier2 merits, as well as no access to composure. So tactics described below are rather outdated! Adjust as needed

Maiev soloing Fenrir Prime as Red Mage Lv75 / Absolute Virtue!

The Moonlit Path, Fenrir Prime.

This BC is the 30 minutes BC where defeating Fenrir Prime will allow you to have access to the Fenrir Prime avatar.

Despite how laggy it was during the solo, I did manage to kill him :P

Prep in Soloing Fenrir Prime

Keep in mind, this is done back in 2006, in fact, was around October that I did it (and was lazy to edit). It’s definitely one of the most challenging fight given the gear that I had access to. No, I didn’t do it with an army of summoners, but pure Red Mage / Nin (RDM/NIN).

Before I go into the details and preparation, here’s a few things to note.

  • As Taru, you can only take 3 hits. You’re 2nd hit is almost dead (if you’re unlucky, crit will kill you in 2)
  • This video is 2006!
  • This video was back in the day when RDM get accessed to more haste gear to make this possible.


So What do you need to prep?

  • As a Taru, your stuff will land. Eat Taco. It could mean life or death with the extra defense.
  • Optimize your macro, test your macros and spells with haste on and without haste. I found out bind got 1 sec less with turban over fast cast hat.(lol)
  • Don’t bother merit Gravity/Wind, I tried, didn’t help.
  • Cardinal Rule, always pure haste/fast cast for Utsusemi spells!
  • Blizzard Day helps :P


About the bind. 5% Turban, 5% Fast Cast, well why Turban? Well here’s what might have happened. Fast Cast was 5% with Body, 5% hat so I got 10%. However, the haste spell was probably 5.75%, plus hat was another 5%, making it 10.75%. Making it round up to 11. Basically, I chipped away 1sec in recast.

Fast cast enable you to land faster, but your character is “spell locked” anyway, so it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. Whereas casting it 1 sec earlier could mean a lot.

Lets Kill Fenrir Prime

Unlike any other NM’s I’ve soloed in sky where time doesn’t matter. Here, you got a hefty 30 minutes limit on completing this mission. DoT’s won’t kill Fenrir Prime, so you’d have to engage him with nukes. Remember your convert upgraded is around 8 minutes, so if you got 1k MP for 8 minutes, you’d be burning 100mp/min, with 200mp as backup in case you take a hit and need Cure 4/Regen.

With 8:20 on convert and a 30min BC, this also means you should get 3 convert in. Your first pool of MP should deplete quickly so you can convert quicker. Remember MP management is only after you use convert, not the first pool of MP. So unload quick, Blizzard and all that jazz. There is absolutely no reason to prolong this fight, as you require more maintenance on yourself.

With 100mp/min (of course, not counting the refresh tick you get), you’d be nuking around once per minute. That’s not a lot of nuke so the only nuke you really need inside, is Blizzard III. Make sure you pick the right day to enter the BC too, it makes life a lot easier :D! (but don’t bother with the belt).


When you enter, buff up, refresh, but don’t rest. Start engaging that mob. Have Utsusemi Ichi up instead :P (In case you need to overwrite it with a Ni). Go in and give him a cold snap of Blizzard III.

Of course when you cast, he smells it and will come engage you. That’s ok. Upon completion, Utsu Ni up, and do a Gravity. Balanace out gravity, as Fenrir can gain resistance to those spell. Try to alternate Gravity, Bind. When you Bind, use that time to Utsu and buff up. Gravity is the best time to nuke, where bind is the best time to buff.

DoT’s. Remember, Bio is based on INT (it’s damage anyway). With its low recast timer and cheap MP cost, I’d get a higher INT setup on Bio 2.

Poison is another story. It’s got a high recast, so try to stack a little bit more Enfeeble magic. Damage is static so don’t worry much about INT. Just make sure it lands.

Situational Awareness

An important part of soloing Fenrir Prime is situational awareness. Not only you got to stay alive, but navigate around the Terrain, MP management as well as damage! Take note of all physical objects so you can kite around. There’s two rocks as well as a platform, which could use as an obstacle. But I’d use the hallway most of the time.

During the solo, your refresh wears out faster than you think (not that it tick faster, you’re just nervous that… you don’t konw 150 seconds already passed. Time are fast! Always monitor your refresh!

Fenrir Prime could be quite nerve racking, so have stickies beside your monitor to remind yourself to refresh, haste etc.

Take note when he moves. If he start closing the gap, you might want to Gravity again, or Bind. Do Bind over Gravity as you don’t want it to build resist, but if you are still buffing, use Gravity :x as you need to pull distance.

No, don’t take hit. As a Taru, you just can’t take hit :P Keep a safe distance. Always run, since it could also waste his TP moves.

Maiev soloing Fenrir Prime as RDM - FFXI Fanart by Aaagh

Maiev Soloing Fenrir Prime on Red Mage!

Fenrir Prime’s Moves

  • Moonlit Charge – Binding effect, could be absorbed with 1 shadow.
  • Eclipse Byte – 3 hit attack. Takes 3 shadow (if you have 2, you take 1 hit damage).
  • Lunar Cry – Lowers Evasion and Acc. Try not to get this XD.
  • Crescent Fang – Paralyze effect, could be absorbed with 1 shadow.
  • Lunar Roar – Strips almost all buffs.
  • Howling Moon – Kills in short range. It’s around 800dmg for me.

Most of the attack shouldn’t be a threat to you. I’d take note of two attack. Lunar Roar and Howling Moon. Lunar Roar strips a ton of buffs, I wasn’t sure how many, but it was my whole row of buffs, including your blink. Your first priority is Utsu Ni (even if he loses Gravity/Bind). Chances are he’s in close range. Upon Ni-ing, use Gravity (not bind). Gravity have a higher chance of landing if done right, so you can pull away. Now instead of nuking, start buffing yourself again.

You should buff Stoneskin, Refresh, Haste and also Shell IF Fenrir Prime haven’t unloaded Howling Moon.

Howling Moon, is a 800 attack high range attack. If you are in close range and he Howl, you’re dead meat as a Taru (which is how I failed my 1st attempt). Howling moon are triggered anything 50% or below and within close range. As a Taru, you should CONTROL when it does Howling Moon. If you’re a Hume, Elvvan or even Mithra… you can just skip this. This is purely for Low HP Tarus like me.

You should do this near your convert time, AND near 50%. You should be almost at ur 2nd convert by then. Ensure you’re all buffed, then what you need to do is use your 2hr, nuke him out while he’s on gravity and FORCE him to trigger his Howling Moon as shown on video. You can use it before OR after. Sometime it hits at bad times. With a 250HP Stoneskin and around 600HP, you barely survive Fenrir’s Howling Moon. So use 2hr to quickly buff up, and continue to nuke and convert if you ran out of MP, couldn’t be more safer with Chainspell convert.

DoT’s (yes, poison and bio2 can go on together), nuke and stay safe. Regen is a spell if you have time. It’s worthwhile to keep it on and it’s a very nice MP savings :D! Especially how you keep switching out gear, it keeps your HP topped off.

I hope you enjoy the video :)


“The current battlefield clear time record for “The Moonlit Path” is 23 minutes 24 seconds.
That record is held by Maiev!”

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  1. Your posts are too god damn long! But, really interesting nonetheless. I managed to find that font doicky thing, thank you very much for the help ^^


  2. Maiev says:

    >< Solly! I'll be back on my normal post schedule when I'm done with exams XD! I wonder who actually completely read this post :) drop a reply if you did XD

  3. Etain says:

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    and that was some amazing soloing skills

  4. Fero says:

    / i did :o

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    lol I read it too o__o :O and watched that solo! coool!

    I wish I had a tablet so I could doodle while on MSN ; ;!

  6. Maiev says:

    lol :x I feel sho bad :3 you guys had to um…… go through such a hard time reading it ; ;

  7. Strawberrie says:

    I admit, I read it only halfway, but I watched that whole Fenrir video, and that was some amazing nonsense. Just the damn YouTube logo was right over his and your HP bar and that made me a little angry. I wanted to see what kind of damage was being done.

    And… are those my tarutaru French maid pants? o_O;

  8. Maiev says:

    Reply to Strawberrie Odin:
    HAHAH omg barrie sure catch little details!, like 2 seconds :x, but yes that’s your french maid pants :)

    I used to replace GS Apron with maid body, and since I am crafting, I walk around a lot so I replace Crimson Pants with Maid pants :) a full set :)

    but I miss my apron, because when I HQ something and I take screenshot, people were like “did you had your apron on”? so I replace the body to original, but left maid pants on :)

  9. Jowah says:

    And I saw you bazaar =p selling GM stuffs OMG. And i love your page. With avatar bazaar and everything.
    YOU are very good RED MAGE too OMG! :O bow bow

  10. Frohike says:

    Those are some nice new FFXIAH features there, hope they go out of beta soon. Seems like they’ve been working on the crafting page for awhile now -_-;

    Here’s a webpage where you can set up your search engine too. As posted by Wise on the FFXIAH forum:


    About Firefox search extension, I’ve found a website which allows to add FFXI Ah search to Firefox search engines

    Go there

    Paste into the first form field
    Choose a name for the search engine in the second form field press the button and it’s ready for use.

  11. Maiev says:

    Reply to Frohike:
    ya I saw that, didn’t get what it meant so :O kinda just ignored it :O
    and thx for Jowah’s stalking on AH, i’m like 24/7 on the list now :(

  12. Jowahh says:

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    I’ll do that one day…yeah…probably…when tarus will fly..

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    [..YouTube..] O.O Well done! May I ask what the song name is?

  15. [..YouTube..] hmm…tool…

  16. nitsuga2 says:

    [..YouTube..] The first track is Insigma – Open Your Eyes

    Was surprised to hear that in this vid. Nice solo Mai and hello from the other side :D

  17. Twitchsterz says:

    [..YouTube..] u make me want to start RDM lol, that was rad good job!

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    [..YouTube..] not bad dude if thats a legit kill thats something I’d have to actually see to believe

    Bek – Kujata

  19. Majeev says:

    [..YouTube..] hehe :) if YouTube don’t have 100mb / 10minutes restriction I’d upload a full thing, but I do have the full version if you’re interested :)

    Its just there’s also a lot of embrassing moments when I spam macros :3, shows I was pretty nervous at some point ^_^

  20. Jowahh says:

    [..YouTube..] macro spamming is soo cute :*

  21. Thai7331 says:

    [..YouTube..] how do you speed up the movie?

  22. Majeev says:

    [..YouTube..] I use a video editing program call Adobe Premiere. I pretty much chopped up repetitive part and speed up others, cuz FFXI’s battle is so slow, boring to watch in full length. (Plus I gotta match the music xD)

  23. Thai7331 says:

    [..YouTube..] ahh ok, thanks^^ and good job lol

  24. [..YouTube..] Hmm i dunno the shifting was kinda shifty, could fight him for a bit then die come in with a group they fight or die then he solos a bit you know… choppy choppy lets see it without a single part cut out?

  25. jubed says:

    [..YouTube..] i love the music XD

  26. xCrAzYdx53 says:

    [..YouTube..] what did you do to make your Target courser and chat log window to look like that ?

  27. YarkoFFXI says:

    [..YouTube..] why are you using walahra turban instead of AF hat..?

  28. Majeev says:

    [..YouTube..] I didn’t want to sacrifice HP pool when I’m casting a spell which I have close body contact with Fenrir. When you cast bind, you’re most likely going to eat a hit/blink.

    I just use hat for nukes, which he will be pretty far away. Its just for this fight since he does hit extremely hard (hits near 400+). Any other occasion its Hat > Turban any day, since hat also got 5% recast timer reduction and 5% faster cast completion

  29. [..YouTube..] nice job dude

  30. [..YouTube..] hey maiev, what recording program do you use? i’m hoping to make some videos of my own :D. and wha food did you use during that fight?

  31. Majeev says:

    [..YouTube..] I used HQ Taco ^^; I used FRAPS for recording, but I’m trying out another thing call GameCam ‘.’

  32. [..YouTube..] oooo taco! :D. O.o game cam? oh yeah i downloaded that. but it i have to set profiles on it and wont let me use ff ;;, only maple story and gunz :/

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    [..YouTube..] PM ^^

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    [..YouTube..] this song is open your eyes by Insigma

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