Bugboy with Istari.

Bugboy ENM, Maiev, Fenrir, Red Mage, FFXI

Duoing Bugboy for Exp…

Boyfriend Istari

So ever since Istari came back.. we “kinda” started doing Bugboy again. This dude isn’t tough but more like if you have the firepower to kill it in time. Anyway.. so I just do this for fun now and a little bit xp buffer. Its not shibby but for a person like me who doesn’t really exp… its kinda not too bad.

Anyway… Istari’s all cool but I don’t know why but he just dies a lot. Its as if its part of his DNA to die :D Yesterday @ Salvage… I don’t even know how many times he died and ate R1… (which kinda reminds me of this.) Hell even I had SS of his dead body… while we were doing Bugboy… he dies near the end though… for bugboys…

Bugboy ENM, Maiev, Fenrir, Red Mage, FFXI

Istari’s Dead Body ._.

But one thing I like about duoing with him… at least we think in the same frequency… I don’t know if he reads my brain frequency but I read his… and its kinda nice to have your partner do something without you asking for it. Like when I shift to HP gear, he knows to Cure me… and let one of us convert first, then another… its weird but nice :) Well maybe we are ghey afterall :D

So lol to Taru with dying DNA as part of him :D Sucks to BE him :) Well regardless.. since both of us are rather busy these days… we haven’t done ENM for quite a long time and my buffer is like 24/44k (instead of keeping it maxed out)… I need you T_T TaruBoyfriend :(

On the side note :O I just found out Arcrist lives in Toronto :) Tazo and I is planning to check him out xD Anyone else lives in Toronto? (I know Brandson, the dude that writes our pretty Font DAT is in Toronto too!)

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  1. Damien says:

    I know what you mean about the whole reading your partner’s mind thing. I have a JP RDM friend that I did Bionic Bug with one time, and even with the language barrier, I hardly ever had to tell him to do something. Whenever I wanted him to Bind/Gravity/nuke/whatever, he would just do it without me saying anything. I guess the playing styles are just similar in pairs like that, and it just works. I know I can’t say the same for all of the people that I duo with. It’s really a cool kind of understanding.


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