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Maiev and Tazo More Exping & 3ds

First thing first, damn if you’re from Fenrir, gotta start blogging, I only know Etain is the only other talu tat blogs -.- Like what people always say, you learn how to step on the gas padel before you learn how to turn, you learn how to swear before u learn how to speak the […]


My 1st party, um, was with my friend. We kinda rock tat exp – ppl tat were soloing imps! As always, dp’s my greatest trick partner. But I also take into account his blinks b4 doing my lolDeathScissors :D.< Parser Results Anyway, I kinda think, from 50-71, I’ve scored #1 dmg in about 95% of […]

Horrible RDM – Marub

LOL 183 parrying first! Anyway, got an exp pt later that night, it was pretti nice at the start when I was playing Cus (he was driving home from girlfriend’s place), a DD had to leave, so I got on myself too on 2nd PC and start playing both. Parser Results´┐Ż

Imps Party with RL Friendz!

k LOL 36k exp in like um… 4 hours isn’t too shibby. but you know the party got to end when ppl in ur party eats these over “Ginger Cookie” So I ended the party quickly by… hehe Parser Results Anyway, went to do some mini skillup to cap my exp bar and…ya, f-kin Eviseraion […]

Mai Blue Artifact Armors!

Blu AF cut scenes are kinda cool, but hehe, dunno I like these two that I took. I won’t enlarge it, so it won’t spoil the log/storyline. After hours and hours of farming, Sumnydera and I finally got all the materials needed ‘~”, and hay!