My 1st party, um, was with my friend. We kinda rock tat exp – ppl tat were soloing imps! As always, dp’s my greatest trick partner. But I also take into account his blinks b4 doing my lolDeathScissors :D.<

Maiev, Blue Mage, Death Scissors 1261, FFXI Fenrir

Parser Results

Anyway, I kinda think, from 50-71, I’ve scored #1 dmg in about 95% of the time. So I was thinking, is Blue Mage that owning? So I got myself a 3 war PT (I was 70blu, we had a 71war 72war 73war). Click the image below for larger SS. Time to see Blue Mage and TP Burn jobs.

Maiev, Blue Mage, Thief, Lv71, FFXI Fenrir Taru

Parser Results

And you know, a Blue Mage 70-71 was able to outparse 71,72 hauby wars, and�also outparse a 73 war�by 0.02% (Go check the parser above). In my view, if you play Blue Mage right, its really owning. Also, Minuet doesn’t even add damage to my CA death scissors, so a brd only benefits me in melee damage, and does nothing to my ws too. Yet I was still able to pull 1337 damage xD.

And after 2 years of playing MaievTalu… My Evasion is not BLUE ZOMG!

Maiev's Evasion Skill, 211, Blue Mage Taru Fenrir

Time to Sleep! But damn I <3 Blue!

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