Horrible RDM – Marub

LOL 183 parrying first!

Maiev Taru Parrying Skillup 183 FFXI Fenrir

Anyway, got an exp pt later that night, it was pretti nice at the start when I was playing Cus (he was driving home from girlfriend’s place), a DD had to leave, so I got on myself too on 2nd PC and start playing both.

Lookie! 1337 damage!

Parser Results�<-- I outparse 2x Lv71 mnks -.- The above damage was not buffed with songs nor stats. (Actually stats buff was 1-2 sec after the WS). Pics here!

When I was playing Cus, everything was fine (My rdm70/blm32 Marub,�was refreshing, I was main heal as usual, as if I was rdm), but when Cus got back and I start playing seriously on Blu.. i was pissed. I ask for
(Maiev): Dia {please}?

(Marub): NO

I stfu, but was wondering, wtf?. He doesn’t silence, doesn’t dispel shock spikes, doesn’t debuff, just refresh and haste, and never heals… wtf? Well then he killed the ninja because he choose to regen himself (he was full hp), over curing a dead ninja and drama started! The conversation can be found here. But conclusion, he f-kin suck kthx. I usually, don’t bring out my rdm for argument, nor I even mention my rdm but.. this guy jus purely suck -.-

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