Mai Blue Artifact Armors!

Blu AF cut scenes are kinda cool, but hehe, dunno I like these two that I took. I won’t enlarge it, so it won’t spoil the log/storyline.

Maiev in Blue Mage CS, FFXI Taru of Fenrir
Maiev in Blue Mage AF CS FFXI Taru of Fenrir

After hours and hours of farming, Sumnydera and I finally got all the materials needed ‘~”, and hay!

Maiev Taru, Sumnydera, FFXI Fenrir Whitegate

From talking to Sumnydera, seems like she is going to play Corsair, and need to sell some of her jewelleries :/ its sad to see it have to go but at least I found a buyer for it, a person that I know. ^^; I’ll miss this pimped out Bard :<

Sumnydera's Jewelleries made by Maiev of Fenrir, FFXI

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