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The Last Remants (FF13)

So its pretty late (near morning), got an IM from Scragg and damn… a trailer of Square Enix’ next RPG. I like Action RPG’s now actually…real time reactions etc (kinda like WoW style)! Turns make you yawn… Holy shit the graphics is good… damn @ the details… and their town Uses UT3 Engine so… at […]

FF7 Remix: Voices of the Lifestream!

Music from Final Fantasy Voices of Lifestream CD Cover This is one of the CD cover for the recent released sound track of FF7 Remix: Voices of the Lifestream. If you love Final Fantasy Music, FF7 Music, or generally OST, you’ll like this sound track. I’ve already been listening to it, during WoW Raids, PvP, […]

E-Life to RL Job!

Yes… at some point, we must just dig ourselves out of the FFXI world and face the real world… apparently mines here. Virtual world is so pretty… too bad that isn’t the real world.

Derren Brown’s Mental Conducting.

Without music, without telling your orchestra what you want to conduct or play, and without hand movements, how can someone possibly do something below? Note: You can find out the answer when you click “Read the rest of the Entry”, do watch the video first!

lolUPS Delivery dude (Humor)

Damn, my broken laptop is being shipped back by UPS.. but look what I found today… I guess my laptop will now be more broken than ever if its going to arrive like this…