Derren Brown’s Mental Conducting.

Without music, without telling your orchestra what you want to conduct or play, and without hand movements, how can someone possibly do something below?

Note: You can find out the answer when you click “Read the rest of the Entry”, do watch the video first!

Listen to his speech again, to see how he can influence everybody (both the conductor and the orchestra) in playing the song he wants them to play!

1. 1st part of his speach – he pronounces D alot (Yourk shire D sity, layers of control and Dynamic, Do u dave something?, something in your minD, write Down what it is, Dont let me c, Dont let cameras, Dont let…, when you Done put it face Down, right this side Down on the poDium, Dont, Dont.., we will show D camera later, u Done? put it face Down …and more)
Also C (dont let me C, dont let cumeras C…)

2. After a while start saying ‘A’ /A is a first letter of d alphabet,
‘top letter’, like d tune conducter has chosen-best known, top one/ (I would like u to think of….A…tune, Anything u like

3. Saying ‘To’ many times (dont listen To the writing, not alowd TO use your hands, i dont want To allow u, not allowd TO.. speak, what i want you To do..)

4. Then he mooves to O de : normal mODEs of communication, here is a little ODD, we will c what Organicaly comes out

5. J (just start to make, Just sort of tune up,just get sound goin, Just general sound goin, Just allow it grow out itself, inJOYing ur pear 4 a second, well Just c haw it goes)
And again ‘allow it to move into ..A.. tune!’

6. Derren mentions ‘scales’ ( scales): Ode to Joy is based on a D major scale.

This is not my findings, but him posting his analysis on youtube. I”m just copy and pasting it here!

Beautiful… the power of the mind.

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