FF7 Remix: Voices of the Lifestream!

Music from Final Fantasy

Voices of Lifestream CD Cover

This is one of the CD cover for the recent released sound track of FF7 Remix: Voices of the Lifestream.

If you love Final Fantasy Music, FF7 Music, or generally OST, you’ll like this sound track. I’ve already been listening to it, during WoW Raids, PvP, FF etc… its a good fit to MMO’s :)

If you’re not sure if you want to commit many hours to downloading a 2GB file, here’s one of the song (Right click and Save As…) you can download and listen to.

You can find more about this release here.

Or you take my word for it that its really good, you can directly goto their download page and download it via BitTorrent.

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