The Last Remants (FF13)

So its pretty late (near morning), got an IM from Scragg and damn… a trailer of Square Enix’ next RPG. I like Action RPG’s now actually…real time reactions etc (kinda like WoW style)! Turns make you yawn…

Holy shit the graphics is good… damn @ the details… and their town Uses UT3 Engine so… at least won’t be crap when it comes out.

Sadly no PC though, but I wonder why can’t the PC hardware handle it… anyhow, you can read more about it here.

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  1. Jowah says:

    Woot it looks awesome! I really hope the battle system is something like OZ/Vagrant Story!
    I’m not planning to buy a PS3 anyway, I’m willing to do that ONLY if Suikoden VI will be out for that system. I’m not anymore into games, really.


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