Breakfast Topic: What’s your Favorite NM?

Fenrir, Maiev, DuckHUNT, Temenos Ultima of Limbus

Ducks’ Ultima

Mines Ultima :3

Its not that I really hate the other NM’s, but this one is kinda hard when you do it with… a big group. There’s plenty of coordination required and… melees just gotta know when to stop dps when its going crazy to TP moves.

The fight isn’t really hard itself, but I find this fight a good way to see who’s actually on their balls doing their job. Who will actually prioritize the safety of the raids over their own dps or… simply who will put time into understanding the fight before coming.

Well this is taken from the perspective of an LS leader ^^ … if say I was only a member, I’d probably enjoy something that’s easy for my brain… um.. Salvage Bosses? Not very intensive to start with and… pretty straight forward ^^

The NM that I’d like to solo um… I’d really like to try Charby. The camping part is meh… it really discourages it. Wish it was instanced too. I just don’t like to live around the clock anymore ^^

So there’s mines, what’s yours? Leaping Lizzy? ^^

(Added) Wing of the Goddess – Large Scale Battle System

PlayOnline: Official post on… Wings of the Goddess [Large-Scale Battle System].

So we can join up with the NPC and fight off the beastmen ‘.’ kinda like Skirmish… Can pick up random missions for.. solo play.. omg finally some content which don’t need to gather people! And… they finally have something for people who have less than an hour of playtime! Um… I wonder if this is more fun or WoW’s Battleground ^^

They use some pretty big words in their official post too.. developer “racking up their brains” o.O, I hope it doesn’t turn into a big disappointment. They better make this actually playable. Besiege was a failure IMO, and people only go because of IS + Exp, not because your damn besiege was fun and enjoyable, to me… it was nothing but a lag fest where you can barely see your friends.

But to be honest.. I’m not excited at all about this expansion. I hope FFXI won’t turn into [a piece of shit] (lol must watch!) like this guy said.

Some interesting stuff I came across

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