So I want to make 400k

… 1st ring after reaching GS 100 Sad day for Maiev =(

Goldsmithing Lv100 – 1st NA on Fenrir =)

NO JOKE! Goldsmithing 100!!!!! ZOMG! THANKS people!!! Time to make back the 100m that I spend on this crap! Goldsmithing 100 Ding!

600k Down the shitter!

So I want to skillup on some Flame Rings… :(


Holy smoke, I almost broke someone’s 8m Synthesis T.T Phew!!! At least I made it! Sorry about that Synthesis :(!

Maiev’s Fenrir Screenshot Adventure – September 2004!

[flickrslideshow acct_name=”maiev” id=”72157624025444161″] September was full of adventure! I have so many SS :D from the good old times! I had so much fun in Tu’Lia (Sky) :O! seeing Genbu for the first time :O! This is with TheLightWarriors (TLW) of Fenrir. Here’s Suzaku :O We even attempted Seiryu :D We accomplished quite a lot […]