Maiev’s Fenrir Screenshot Adventure – September 2004!

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September was full of adventure! I have so many SS :D from the good old times! I had so much fun in Tu’Lia (Sky) :O! seeing Genbu for the first time :O! This is with TheLightWarriors (TLW) of Fenrir.


Here’s Suzaku :O

pol 2004-09-12 19-15-35-12

We even attempted Seiryu :D

pol 2004-09-12 21-06-06-53

We accomplished quite a lot of sutff! When that happens, of course a group picture to see who was there XD

pol 2004-09-12 22-47-44-14

While not doing sky, we finally disbanded that crappy TLWDynamis, and joined up with ASDynamis! Fenrir was also getting quite full and we were trying to get some stuff done before they all went to Hades.

So yea, this was TheLightWarriors (TLW) merging with Ascendantsky (AS) to form ASDynamis :D! Here’s our first dynamis!

pol 2004-09-25 22-34-00-35

But unfortunately, we also had some pretty bad tragedy LOLZ :D!

pol 2004-09-26 00-20-09-04

We did beat it in the end, keying everyone to Dynamis Xarcabard! Here we are, SINGLE FILE!!!!! Sneaking around Dynamis Xarcabard!

pol 2004-09-29 22-28-40-59

This was one of the first encounter of Shadow Lord, in fact, I even think this is probably the first in all worlds, to even see Dynamis Lord :O This was yes, in September 2004!

pol 2004-09-29 23-20-41-43

Without any plan or even know WTF Dynamis Lord is, of course this happens XD

pol 2004-09-29 23-28-12-06

Well, Zilart… remember those awesome 5AA fight? We attempted one back in 2004. We told Dreamworks to “Go aggro, then use Invincible”! However, Dreamworks did it the other way around. Invincible then Aggro :D!

pol 2004-09-23 22-00-37-32

And of course, the consequences was this :D!

pol 2004-09-23 22-14-25-12

I also exped a lot, my Sub job mostly :D!

pol 2004-09-11 18-00-51-35

I had quite a lot of fun for the whole month :D Lots of wiping in Dynamis, and exping subjobs required for Dynamis Lord! I was also the first one to level /drk sub for Dynamis Lord, but unfortunately, we didn’t re-enter Dynamis Xarcabard after that wipe :< and... ASDynamis and Ascendantsky transfer to Hades :< It was a good run :D for the month of September! I met so many new people, like Ankiseth, Arnina, Cleen, Daxam Krisonrik, Nazul, Pescado, Terravcota, Tiffany, Roranora, Lazobo, Marcos, Wizzy, Thundar, Scragg, McDanks, Azir, Raph, Xxmugxx, Xxtaexx, Nuriko, Fhenrir, Mirope, Maboroshi and Dreamworks :D!

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