Parrying Againz & Mannequin Collection!

First of all, Starcraft II is announced :) You can find the rest of the story right now with

Update: Blizzard’s official website. Damn its soo cool!!!

Starcraft II Pictures, Blizzard Entertainment, Preview, Marine, Photon Cannon, 3d Physics Engine, IGN

Next thing is Happy Birthday to Farkee ;) Age +1 & Coolness +1!

So lets begin, crushing 2 weeks worth of posting into one.

Yes, I did this quest because I’m finally running out of space! Well not only that, I never knew they were light-based. Everything I’ve stack so far wiped out the Mogenhancements: Goldsmithing so meh! Anyway, a run through

Bird Quest: Mannequin

You first have to talk to Ramona (Selbina) inside the Weaver’s Guild. Then you got to talk to Cheupirudaux (N.Sandy) beside the Woodworker’s guild.

Ramona, Mannequin Quest, NPC of Selbina, FFXI, Furnature for Mog HouseCheup, NPC for Mannequin Quest, North Sand'oria, Furnature for Mog House

Now with all these completed, now you just gotta go either shop for your mannequins (*grin*) or go BCNM those drops!

Mannequin Quest, Trade In, Mhaura, NPC of FFXI, Furnature for Mog House

With that completed, goto Mhaura’s Goldsmithing guild (right turn when you enter, stick to the right) and you’ll find this girl. Trade all your pieces to her. (Body Hands Legs Feet Head), wait till JP midnight, come back and tata she will have your own race’ mannequin ready! Since I’m a female Taru, I get F-Taru as my 1st mannequin!

You can do it for their looks ‘.’ but I do them for the damn 7 storage.

Now say if you want more mannequin, no worries, you don’t have to spent a mil buying all the pieces again. You only need to do this “Quest” ONCE. So to get more, all you have to do is go back to the Goldsmithing guild in Mhaura, talk to the girl and she would offer you a choice to either remodel (exchange F.Taru for F.Hume?). But if you want an “additional” mannequin, then you gotta pay a static price of 200k!

Mannequin, Looking Pretty Weird, Can Dress them though, FFXI , Furnature for Mog House

Pretty niffy heh! Doesn’t look all that great but at least you can dress them. Dressing these mannequin isn’t hard, just have to goto your mog house, layout and should have a button call “Equip”. When you press it, should give you this screen below.

Equipping a Mannequin in FFXI, Furnature for Mog HouseEquipping a Mannequin in FFXI, Furnature for Mog House

Doesn’t really need expanation, equip it as if it was your own char. Yes it can Duel-Wield like you see in the screenshot :) Anyhow, I’m a functionalist, I buy mannequins not for looks, but for the function! Storage :)

Storing stuff that I don’t use like Kclub… I don’t wanna throw it out like it was some NQ crab shell while I’m skilling up rofl :)

Some MaiTalu Updates – Parrying!

I notice a lot of people google in here for “parrying skillups”, and since I don’t level my parrying via tanking in exp parties or tanking gods, I think what people really want is the insights of how people level parrying when they have spare time. This means they don’t care about anything but parry skillups. I’ve got a few things to share so just stick around :) Until then, I got another few levels of parrying. Hay Vryali, you might wanna start catching up ;)

Maiev's Parrying Skillup, Parrying Guide, FFXI Samurai of FenrirMaiev's Parrying Skillup, Parrying Guide, FFXI Samurai of Fenrir
Maiev's Parrying Skillup, Parrying Guide, FFXI Samurai of FenrirMaiev's Parrying Skillup, Parrying Guide, FFXI Samurai of Fenrir


Now back to some lucky stuff :) was bored, login and hq in 1 or 2 tries hehehe ^^;

HQ Zenith Crown +1, Goldsmithing Crafting in FFXI, Maiev of Fenrir, Tazo, IstariHQ Zenith Crown +1, Goldsmithing Crafting in FFXI, Maiev of Fenrir, Tazo, Istari
the StarOnion, Maiev, Tazo, Dat Change and Taru Haircuts, FFXI

Maiev and Tazo with new Dats!


Bored of my taru’s haircuts ;) So got a new one! Actually, Tazo and I did go get our haircut done together once ;)

‘.’ Tazo’s been too busy to play these days :( So I only parry skillup, events and log. I honestly got bored of PvE :x. I pretty much play because friends play. Speaking of friends playing, Ciermel (the real one) now plays from time to time :) She login for events just to have fun so its all good ^^;

June’s patch details is out, but meh, those tier2 merits is only like what.. 24 merit points? 20k/hr won’t last me like 10 hours of entertainment ‘.’ It is fun to play as a Polearm Samurai for Colibri camp though, the amount of ACC I stack which allows a 240 weapon to do DD is kinda hilarious :)

Btw :) If you want to change your F5A and F8B’s hairstyle to this one, you can download it here. Dats are only changed on client side, so this is purely “eye candy”

the StarOnion, Maiev, Istari, HQ Ar'hat Gear for Parrying Skillup

Maiev’s Delivery Box with Istari’s Love!

MaiTalu Love!

Although Istari quit :/ but he still remembers I like having signed gear too ^_^ This present would greatly help me in my parrying skillups ;)

I don’t blame him, I mean afterall Square did a poor job in the last patch imo. Trying to save players using the June patch… imo is just a cure for the wounds. But damage is done and its just hard to accept or even have confidence that Square will not make those mistakes again… Oh well, that’s one of the reason I go WoW, lost Istari & confidence with Square.

Maybe the expansion would prove me wrong, but we’ll see.

Exping / Merits!

Exping (2boxing CC pretty much)

Palace of Hu Xzoi, Duoing Aern as RDM and BLM, Chain 2 for 505 ExpPalace of Hu Xzoi, Duoing Aern as RDM and BLM, Chain 6 for 150 Exp

I capped my merits once again! Finished my Samurai upgrade ;) aimed for PvP purposes.

Maiev, Samurai Capping out Blade Bash, Taru of Fenrir, Maxed ot Merit Buffer

Blade Bash for Plague: loose TP gradually, a nice JA to use on melees when they are nearly full tp.
Overwhelm: more damage in WS when melees are facing me ;)
Meditate Recast: I can med in mid battle just to do some surprise WS for extra Overwhelm :)
3rd eye Recast: Pimp sauce, the secret of tanking Aquarius on sam/war ;) Mnk mobs is no longer a threat with high parrying :)

Enough reading :) More next time ^^; WoW’s been taking away my spare time to write good posts! x_x

6 Responses to “Parrying Againz & Mannequin Collection!”

  1. Vryali says:

    Called out for my gimp parry skirr, what’s the world coming to T_T You’re only a few levels ahead of me and I need meripo bad (Gotta get PLD merits done :( ) so I don’t know how long your lead will last taru /throwunparryabletable!

  2. raidenn says:

    I have Blade Bash and Overwhelm. I dont see too much difference with Overwhelm though. Blade Bash takes too long to recast (15 mins).

    I wish I can work on my Parrying. What is the best way to do this?

  3. Etain says:

    Bah, I need to collect mannequin pieces sometime soon! x_X Have something like 15 pages of stuff in my delivery box…

  4. Maiev says:

    Honestly I don’t ugh… think Blade Bash is even any good ‘~” ever since the gimp. Anyhow, stun only kicks in 50% of the time, with a 10min recast (lol) and… plague doesn’t always land. I knew this b4 I did merits, but since I’m doing PvP with this, I should be focusing on -anything- that can help in PvP. :)

    and hehe :) someone needs to start lving up ;)

  5. jtaru says:

    lol i laughed at all the people who told me it was going to be a starcraft mmorpg….

    i told them it was going to be starcraft 2, the RTS game and no one would believe me.


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