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The Sky’s the Limit – Tazo’s Sky Access

Tazo’s Sky Access!! I don’t know when I started and I don’t know when I’ll finish, but I do know that I finally have access to Tu’Lia. Finally a new place to explore and burn up my XP buffer for bard. Things I learnt the hard way: Don’t walk near the robots in their little […]

Quitting FFXI – Now with Categories!

No, I’m not quitting. ~_~ I just wanted to spend sometime thinking about people I’ve seen “Quit” FF. There are probably more categories, but these are all I can think of at the moment. Case 1 – Real Winners! Ones that have flat out stopped playing FFXI. I applaud these people for being able to […]

Quest: The Opo-Opo and I (Princess Tazo quest! ^^)

I know this is a level 68 item, but being a lazy non-quest-loving tarutaru, I waited a month after reaching 75 on bard to start the quest. Before I could even get to start the quest I had to turn in MORE cornettes for fame ; ;. Here are some highlights of the ten items […]

Cuttings and Saplings, and Ores, oh my!

Tazo has always been an avid gardener and has done many hours of research on how to grow gil ores, but still has not developed the elusive GREEN thumb. Ores 1/40 ; ; (lightning ore was kind to me) Nevertheless, Tazo is trying to grow Dark Ores once again! Currently Tazochai and Dirty attempted to […]

Tazo Achieve: Rank 8

Tazo Achieve Rank 8! I don’t know how long I’ve been stuck at rank 6, but I’m happy to say….. RANK EIGHT BABY! ^^ Arigato to my friend Nephtis for having the patience to set up the parties & alliances and shouting across Vana’diel! … also thanks to the Monk-eys (Soulcalibur & Yusuisum) for coming […]