Quitting FFXI – Now with Categories!

No, I’m not quitting. ~_~ I just wanted to spend sometime thinking about people I’ve seen “Quit” FF. There are probably more categories, but these are all I can think of at the moment.

  • Case 1 – Real Winners! Ones that have flat out stopped playing FFXI. I applaud these people for being able to move on and leave the game once and for all.
  • Case 2 – Extended Leave (with notice) These are the ones who decide to leave game based on real life needs. Case 2 people recognize that real life > game and will leave FF for an extended period of time to iron out real life issues – but will come back to playing once it’s settled.
  • Case 2.5 (edit: 09/19/06) “the Sohjai” Case. People such as Sohjai fit into this case. They are like smokers who quit but yet keep their ashtrays and cigarette lighters handy… “just in case”. These folks keep paying the monthly fee, or whore out their characters to others to pay for. They swear up and down that it’s the end of FF. They’re actually in denial. They’ll come back. Maybe it’s a month or two, or up to half a year. They will come back.
  • Case 3 – the Sabbaticals – These are the gurus of FF. The ones that have been with FF since the very beginning. They love their in-game characters as if they were their own flesh and blood. These people will pop in once in a while but never really leave the game. They are usually very well-liked in Vana’diel and their surprise visits are highly welcomed.
  • Case 4 – Quit “Users” – If I had a real scale of quitting, these types would be at the very bottom. People of case 4 use quitting as an excuse for some other ‘hidden’ or not so hidden agenda. Either way they are using an empty threat, cause it’s just a game. No one will notice your absence in 2-3 weeks unless: 1) You owe tons of people gil 2) You’ve made real friends in game, who actually care about you out of game. Usually Case 4 people will come back again and again and abuse their ‘quitting’ ability.

3 Responses to “Quitting FFXI – Now with Categories!”

  1. Maiev says:

    I fit in.. um I hope I’m case one but I’m not… I tried to be case 2 but LOL, I’m not exactly case 4 so that leave me as case 3!!

    emo ego in FF sucks, plus ya rl needs, so goin be away in ff for awhile!

  2. Ciermel says:

    mehhh, i’m actually case #2.5… got bored so left ff for like 6 months… then i got back again coz of one talu named maimai who keeps encouraging me and never stops :)

  3. destroyplanets says:

    i’ve seen ppl legitimately quit for like a year, come back, and start up a new character over agan. what category would those people be in? btw, ppl in your case #4 make me think of couples that “break up” just to get back together again just to break up and get together to break up together and break together back up…


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