Quest: The Opo-Opo and I (Princess Tazo quest! ^^)

Tazo Taru's Bard in Sha'ir Manteel, FFXI Fenrir

I know this is a level 68 item, but being a lazy non-quest-loving tarutaru, I waited a month after reaching 75 on bard to start the quest. Before I could even get to start the quest I had to turn in MORE cornettes for fame ; ;. Here are some highlights of the ten items I needed to hand into the darn monkeys in Kazham.

Tazo Taru with Destroyplanets, FFXI Fenrir

Destroyplanets and I playing pattycake while waiting for mobs to pop in Horuto Ruins. ^^

*Tens of Coins Card, Giant Fish Bones, Lucky Egg (farmed with dp! tyty)
*Sands of Silence, Wandering Bulb, Blackened Toad (sponsored by shunzi! tyty)
*Wyvern Skull (farmed with dp, maiev&catalyst, shunzi; note* Some fat dragon in Ilfrit killed me then sat on me.)
*Ancient Salt (farmed with shunzi and soulcalibur! tyty)

Tazo Taru with Shunzi, FFXI Fenrir

Shunzi breaking out her ranger widescan skillz along with Neph to help me find those damn monkeys. Me? I’m hamming it up for the camera^^.

Tazo Taru with Nephtis's Stupid Player, FFXI Fenrir

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